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20 Reasons Why Spongebob Is The Best Show Of This Generation

Some unique elements of the classic cartoon that make it stand out of the crowd. I wumbo, you wumbo, he she me, wumbo.

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1. The Theme Song.

Who doesn't love hearing, "Are you ready kids?"


2. The Houses.

Who can resist a show where a sponge lives in a pineapple, a starfish in a rock, and a squid in an Easter Island Head?

3. Gary's Meow.

Was I the only one who wanted to have a pet just like Gary? The fact that the show portrayed him as an underwater cat added an extra element of humor to all of his scenes. Any scene with Gary is sure to be a memorable one, even if all he says is "meow" a bunch of times.

4. The Krusty Krab

I don't know about you, but I have always wanted to try a real life Krabby Patty. There was something about this underwater restaurant that made it one of my favorite settings in the show.

5. The time cards.

The combination of the french narrator and the ridiculous use of time cards made for some hilarious moments.

6. Boating School

I loved the underwater take on driving, and there was nothing funnier than seeing Spongebob once again agitate poor Mrs. Puff to the point where she well--puffs.

7. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

These two were a hilarious parody of the 1960's Batman television series, with both characters voiced brilliantly by Ernest Borgnine and Tim Conway. Although these characters weren't shown too often, I find that their appearances made for some of the best episodes.

8. Mr. Krabs

Who didn't love the cheapest crab in the sea? Whether it be selling Spongebob to the Flying Dutchman for $.62, or trying to be cool with Spongebob and Patrick, Mr. Krabs never failed to bring entertaining one-liners and episodes.

9. Squidward's love of culture.

I always rooted for Squidward, as he longed to convince Bikini Bottom to appreciate his love for art, the clarinet, dancing, and canned bread. Unfortunately, I think only Spongebob and Patrick are the only ones who take him seriously.

10. My Leg!

Spongebob had some of THE best running gags, the most famous being the "My Leg" cry that was heard at any sign of a disaster.

11. Jellyfishing

These underwater bees made for some of Spongebob and Patrick's greatest adventures, including Spongebob trying to live with the jellyfish in their hive, and getting chased by a King Jellyfish.

12. The Songs

Who could forget some of Spongebob's greatest hits, including but not limited to: "The FUN Song", "Just a Greasy Spoon", and "The Campfire Song Song"?

13. Spongebob himself.

Spongebob is just an interesting character. Be it the annoying laugh, his obsession with his job, or his adventures with Patrick, he has managed to have years and years of amazing episodes without getting boring.

14. The Raw Humor

Spongebob never needed flashy graphics or crazy situations to get the laughs rolling. Sometimes it was as simple as selling chocolate door to door, or trying to blow a piece of paper off his lawn that made for some of the best episodes.

15. Ability to Quote Spongebob in everyday life.

In the good old days of the first five seasons, Spongebob had the magic quality where watching a repeat episode never got old. This made for kids to remember their favorite quotes and use them in everyday conversations and situations. It's one of those things where the answer to your math homework is '24' and you just turn to the person next to you and say, "...25!" in the Spongebob voice, and it is automatically received as a great Spongebob reference.

What are you waiting for? Go watch some Spongebob right now!

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