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    • mrdrofficer

      In your critique of games journalism being optimistic, you defended your own stance by being optimistic.  ” Look: I want the PlayStation 4 to be good. I want the new Xbox to be good. I wish Wii U had more good games, and that the handheld peripheral wasn’t so obviously a mistake.”  More egregiously, you called into question the very validity of games journalists because they were hopeful for a historically innovative and successful companies risky endeavor. Even in your article you point out instances were this was not the case and contradict your point that games journalist are pandering liars (at least I think that’s your point, as this “story” has no led).  Look, the world as a whole doubts the WiiU’s future success, especially gamers, but that is not news. Consoles aren’t phones, they are judged on content - on games. And that remains to be seen and thus, there is nothing wrong with pointing out exciting future content or … not! Both have been done by games journalist covering this systems release. Saying, “we hope there are games that take advantage of this” isn’t favoritism, its admitting falibility in judging a book by its cover, which you are clearly advocating since no one is honestly saying the WiiU is a smash hit, not even in your examples.  And coming from Buzzfeed to top it all off? The home of “Copycat Journalism”. This article feels wrong, hypocritical and pandering.  Bonus: Listen to the “Gamers With Jobs” podcast from the first week of February and you’ll hear them talk to a fan who feels the gaming press has been extremely negative to the WiiU, to which they admit, because it’s true, no matter how hard you try to earn views by shamelessly upsetting my day with confusing, led burying Buzzfeed “news”.

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