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Another Student Athlete Getting Away With Rape

The story of an athlete raping a student on the campus of UNC Chapel Hill is all too familiar, but when will campus police do right by their students and not just their athletes?

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UNC Chapel Hill Student Holds Press Conference After University Does Nothing With Her Rape Case

A University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill student held a press conference with allegations that she was raped by one of the schools football players earlier this year.. and that the school has done nothing about it.

Delaney Robinson became public with her story out of frustration when her school failed to fully investigate the incident with her alleged rapist, Allen Artis, that occurred on Valentine's Day of this year.

Robinson took all of the steps suggested of a rape victim after they are assaulted. She went straight to the hospital where a nurse trained in sexual assault cases examined her and recorded a rape kit according to The Daily Beast.

This is where things took a turn for the worse. When questioned by campus police, she was asked the questions that most of us are still appalled by. "Did you lead him on? What was I wearing? How much did I drink? What is my sexual history?" and so on and so forth. And what was more appalling was how campus police spoke to Artis. Robinson heard a recording of the interview with her attacker and said they were speaking with him like a friend, and even joking with him about how many phone numbers he got that night from other females. "They told him, 'Don't sweat it, just keep on living your life and playing football.'"

This theme of preferential treatment of college athletes in rape cases this year has been amazing. The first out of many with Brock Turner who only served three months in prison after raping a woman who was unconscious on the campus of Stanford. The initial article about the rape mentioned his swim times at the end and most articles after mentioned that he was a swimmer. He was also allowed to retake his mug shot after he looked more "put together".

With the constant backlash of how rape cases are conducted and then tried, why hasn't anything changed? Why are rape cases put in the hands of campus police who seem to have a conflict of interest when it comes to the athletes at their school? And when it comes to the image that their school must uphold? Why do the investigators continue to ask questions of rape victims that demean them and don't help the facts of the case? And WHY do we continue to blame victims when it is NEVER their fault?

So while Delaney Robinson did all of the right things after she was raped, all of the wrong things continued to happen to her.

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