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15 IKEA Products That Will Transform Your Tiny Dorm Room

Having a small room ain't gonna stop you from livin' the good life.

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1. The GRUNDTAL Cart

It's lightweight, portable, and perfect for storing basically everything — from books, to toiletries, to random knickknacks and care package treats from home.

2. The LUNDAMO Mirror

Mirrors are a must-have for any small room because they create the illusion of space, especially when arranged strategically! AND, more importantly, you can check yourself out every day before you leave for class.

3. The PS 2014 Storage Table

It's a table made of stacking storage units! Pretty much the most versatile lil' table ever. Plus, the elevated and exposed legs at the bottom are great for opening up the room.

4. The PS 2014 Standing Laptop Station

Hunching over a standard dorm desk can be grueling, so help your body out with a standing laptop station. This one's minimal, narrow, and doubles as a stand for other objects when it's not in use!

5. The PS 2014 Hat and Coat Stand

A fun and bright coat rack that isn't bulky. Now your friends don't have to throw their coats all in a pile on your bed when they come over!

6. The NOLBYN Armchair

Because you'll need a comfier alternative to those standard-issue dorm chairs. This one's lightweight and minimal and perfect for reading in.

7. The KOMPLEMENT Multi-use Hanger

This hanger takes up as much space as any hanger, but it has 28 slots for accessories. (That just means you'll have more space in your closet or wardrobe for more cute clothes!)

8. The PS 2014 Wall Rail With Board, Mirror, and Knobs

Hang this one near the doorway; it's perfect for anything you'll need on the go — purses/bags, jackets, keys, reminders, etc.

9. The LUNS Magnetic/Writing Board

Literally the best way to leave messages (and mail!) for your roommate.

10. The TÅNUM Flatwoven Rug

Because rugs are cozy and cute. Striped patterns on a rug can also make a room look longer!

11. The PS 2014 LED Stool Lamp

All right, who can argue with a stool that doubles as am ambient lamp? Everyone in the building will legit be jealous of this.

12. The KUPOL Storage Units

These babies are very affordable but look classy thanks to the semi-translucent white plastic. You can stack them wherever you want, and they come in various sizes. The big ones would fit perfectly under a lofted bed, and the little ones can stack on top of a desk!

13. The TRONES Shoe/Storage Cabinet

Never let shoes take up your precious floor space again. These storage cabinets are stackable and wall mounted and, most importantly, cute.

14. The SKUBB Laundry Bag With Stand

This is literally the perfect hamper. It's super narrow and fits into tiny spaces, opaque (so no one can see your dirty laundry!), incredibly lightweight, and has handles so it can double as a laundry bag!

15. The PS 1995 Clock

It's a clock, a small storage unit, AND a decorative sculpture. Who wouldn't want this in their dorm room?!

Dorm rooms may be tiny, but you can turn them into comfy and cool spaces. All you gotta do is shop at IKEA®.