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The 12 Emotional Stages Of Dropping Your Kids Off At College

It's a major milestone AND an emotional roller coaster! Shop for the big move at IKEA®.

1. STAGE 1: Excitement

Our kid got into college! IT REALLY HAPPENED.

2. STAGE 2: Relief

The CW / Via

They have a bright future after all! (And thank goodness they won't be bumming around for another year.)

3. STAGE 3: Neuroticism

Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed

This shopping list is going to be insane. In fact, we should probably start shopping NOW. Like...right this instant.

4. STAGE 4: Nervous Delight

Is it already time to leave?! Time to see where our kid's going to be for the next FOUR YEARS.

5. STAGE 5: Worry


Oh, god, did we forget something at home? We definitely forgot something at home.

6. STAGE 6: Judgment

Who is this random first-year roommate assignment?? They look a little sketchy. They'd better be considerate.

7. STAGE 7: Confusion / Via

This campus is actually a labyrinth.

8. STAGE 8: Worry...again!

BuzzFeed Yellow /

What are the parties going to be like?! Will there be adult supervision?!

9. STAGE 9: Exhaustion

Moving is difficult.

10. STAGE 10: Awkward Sadness

Universal Pictures / Via

Here comes the hardest part: saying good-bye. OK, let's try not to cry or be embarrassing. There are so many rules to heartfelt good-byes!

11. STAGE 11: Acceptance

Universal Pictures / Via

The house isn't the same, but we'll be OK. So it goes.

12. STAGE 12: Utmost Pride


We've been imagining these moments since day one, and we couldn't be more proud. (And winter break better come soon so we can see their cute face again.)

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