College Living: Expectations Vs. Reality

The best years of your life may also be the craziest. College may not be exactly how you expect it, but you’ll definitely never forget it! Check out IKEA to add a little excitement to your college digs and party pads.

1. Expectation:

Straight A’s? Not a problem. You’re going to spend at least 3 hours a day in the library studying your butt off.

2. Reality:

You’ll go to the library…as soon as you wake up. Just one more hour of sleep…maybe four.

3. Expectation:

Johanna Muñoz / Via

You were blessed enough to acquire a quad dorm with your buddies and it has a kitchen? Think of the breakfast possibilities!

4. Reality:

hotzeplotz / Via Flickr: 13747999@N00

Eh, you’ll cook something tomorrow. Ramen breakfast time!

5. Expectation:

ilovejewelyn / Via

It’s exam week! You’re going to walk into that final with everything memorized. It’ll only take you two weeks to cram it all into your brain.

6. Reality:

You find out it’s an open notebook exam and you left your notes in your dorm room.

7. Expectation:

Curtis Young / Via

You’re going to make so many friends and party all the time! Woo!

8. Reality:

ashleigh290 / Via Flickr: 16440393@N04

You like your new friends but you still miss home :(

9. Expectation:

lauragarmany / Via

Finally, some privacy.

10. Reality:

Rachel Bujalski / Via Flickr: 25959151@N05


11. Expectation:

Up early for your 8AM class and ready to start the day!

12. Reality:

greenishlyamber / Via

Blargehsdjf, I’ll go to my next class…later..what…zzzzzzzz.

13. Expectation:

Kendall Sieron / Via Flickr: 87911811@N03

You can’t wait to pick all your own classes and really start learning about what you’re passionate about.

14. Reality:

ASU Provost Comm Group / Via Flickr: 42314919@N02

Prerequisites, Prerequisites, Prerequisites. UGH.

15. Expectation:

melttan / Via

You have your own place now! Your dorm is going to be amazing and move-in ready as soon as you walk in the door.

16. Reality:

Sydney Robin Koshnick / Via

Your dorm makes you feel like an extra in “One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest.” You have a lot of work to do.

17. Most importantly…

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