12 Pieces Of Wall Art That Will Transform Your Dorm

Dorm rooms aren’t known for being very hip looking. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for you to personalize your space…and still get your dorm deposit back. For more tips and tricks check out IKEA, your ultimate dorm room design destination.

1. Wall Collage

If you’re bored of regular picture frames, organize photos of you and your buddies in interesting clusters on your wall. Heart shapes, diamond shapes, they all look super cool.

2. Leafy Decals

A good way to freshen up your small space and bring a little nature inside (without having to water any plants)! Available here.

3. Party Girl Decor

sarateashop / Via instagram.com

Create almost any banner you want by purchasing various party banners, unclasping them, then reattaching the letters into any order you want!

4. Chalkboard Paint

Hannah Snyder / Via instagram.com

If you’re not allowed to paint on your walls no worries, cut an old piece of cardboard into any shape you want and paint it in chalkboard paint! Just remember to paint both sides or the cardboard will start to curl.

5. Faux Elk Head

NearAndDeer / Via etsy.com

These guys are super cool, plus you can hang your jewelry off the antlers!

6. Bring the Outside In


Any way to place a little nature into your dorm is a good thing. This shelf was just made from scrap wood and an old mason jar. Super cute!

7. Your Daily Mantra

Lorna Hall / Via instagram.com

Find a decal that speaks to you! Try some positive words to start your day off right.

8. Photo Clothesline

Claudia Levett / Via instagram.com

A super clever way to use that old string in your desk drawer, use some paperclips or clothes-pins to keep the pictures up.

9. Your Wheels

Matt Lewis / Via instagram.com

A good way to store your bike in a small space. It looks cool, too!

10. Picture Frame Collage

Juliette Stephenson / Via instagram.com

For a nice bohemian look, try mismatching your frames and scattering them on an accent wall.

11. Hat Wall

Adeline Surjanto / Via instagram.com

A practical use for all your hats when they’re not on your head!

12. Bunting!

PochetteGavotte / Via etsy.com

A fun play on the party favor, you can make your own from scrap fabric or scrapbooking paper.

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