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5 Reasons Why You Still Can't Delete Your Vine

Instagram videos have given Vine a run for its money. Their 15 second videos, click-to-play option, and range of filters makes for the perfect video app. So why can't we seem to delete our Vines?

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5. #SmackCam

Cruel, but h i l a r i o u s. #SmackCam is the new horrible joke on Vine that we cannot help but laugh at.

3. Kids doing undeniably cute things

We can never have too much videos of kids doing adorable things. Melt your heart away with these 6-second clips.

2. Capturing awkward moments

Go ahead and embrace the awkward life of others, guilt-free.

1. Loops

There's something fascinating about a perfect loop. The attempts are many, but don't be fooled a successful loop hides the start and end of a 6-second Vine flawlessly.

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