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8 Amazing Places To Live That Are Cheaper Than The UK

The cost of living it up, somewhere else.

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1. Athens for the rent

Christophe Meneboeuf

Average rent for a one-bed apartment in the city centre: £229.56 per month

In London: £1,684 per month

In Manchester: £712 per month

In Wolverhampton: £400 per month

Forget central London (no seriously, forget it!), renting a place in even the cheapest cities in the UK cost around twice as much as it would in the Greek capital.

2. Moscow for the daily commute

Artem Svetlov

Monthly travelpass: £18.98, taxi: £0.19 per km

In London: monthly travelpass starts from £130, taxi is £3.30 per km

In Edinburgh: monthly travelpass is £53, taxi is £1.60 per km

In Nottingham: monthly travelpass is £48, taxi is £2.24 per km

For a generally expensive city, Moscow has surprisingly wallet-friendly options to get you from A to Б.

3. Guangzhou for eating out


Average cost of a meal for two at a mid-range restaurant: £11.49

In London: £51.25

In Bristol: £50

In Leeds: £40

With a reputation of being the ‘food city’ of China, going out for a meal in bustling Guangzhou won’t just hit the spot, it’ll do it for less than a quarter of the average UK price.

4. Budapest for grocery shopping

Alex Proimos

Average weekly supermarket spend: £32.43

In London: £58.65

In Belfast: £52.65

In Plymouth: £48.74

No paycheck-draining weekly shops means more money to spend on the fun stuff in beautiful Budapest.

5. Beijing for beer

Mr Bao

A glass of local draught (500ml): £0.57

In London: £4.40

In Birmingham: £3

In Coventry: £2.50

Turns out the capital of China is also the capital of insanely cheap pints. One for the pub enthusiasts.

6. Zagreb for cinema


Average price of a cinema ticket: £4

In London: £12

In Liverpool: £8

In Cardiff: £6

Film buff? Head to the Croatian capital – as well as ridiculously cheap cinema tickets, you’ll be spoilt for choice by the rest of the city’s amazing (and equally inexpensive) arts and culture offerings.

7. Las Vegas for gym membership


Average cost of a monthly fitness pass: £19.07

In London: £48.59

In Norwich: £32.33

In Glasgow: £27.91

Yes, Vegas is more famous for other things. Still, it’s good to know that in between those other things, you’ll be able to keep yourself in tip-top shape for a fraction of UK gym prices.

8. New Delhi for...pretty much everything!

Ram Singh

Average rent for a one-bed apartment in the city centre: £191.97

Monthly travelpass: £7.43, taxi: £0.14 per km

Average cost of a meal for two in a mid-range restaurant: £11.44

Average weekly supermarket spend: £29.23

Average price of a cinema ticket: £3.43

BRB. Or maybe not.

Compare the cost of living in other cities around the world here.

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