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14 Things Every Novice Baker Knows To Be True

Baking is a cruel and fickle science. Best head over to IHOP® to get a load of their new Bakery Favorites* menu, part of the IHOP® Breakfast All Day Lineup!

1. You will never — EVER — remember how many ounces are in a cup.

2. You tiptoe around your muffins because you heard that soufflés fall in the oven if you make a loud noise.

3. You bring burnt cupcakes to the office party and apologize to every. single. co-worker.

4. You open the oven door a million times to check on the progress even though you KNOW it messes with the temperature.

5. The recipe says to sift the dry ingredients, but you don’t have a sifter. What kind of person has a sifter?

6. You have flour permanently embedded into the crack between your phone and its case.

7. Your motto is "If all else fails, add chocolate chips."

8. You've definitely bailed on a recipe because you didn’t know where you would even begin to look for “cream of tartar.”

9. You've become well-versed in the art of disabling your smoke detector.

10. You get angry at a recipe for insisting that you have a stand-up mixer. Like you’re some kind of millionaire.

11. You truly do not care if your vanilla extract is real or imitation.

12. You learned the hard way that “all-purpose flour" is not actually for all purposes.

13. You’ve told yourself that you probably don’t need an apron this time.

14. You'll Instagram your baked creation to high heavens if it miraculously comes out looking even remotely similar to Martha’s.

You're well on your way, baby.

For a limited time, enjoy IHOP®'s Bakery Favorites* any time of the day. Come in and enjoy Cupcake Pancakes, Red Velvet Crepes, and Cinnamon Swirl Brioche French Toast — no baking experience needed.

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