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5 Reasons You Should Heart Israel

Whether we appreciate Israel's environmental contributions, technological breakthroughs, amazing diversity of culture, commitment to human rights or providing assistance to a world in need, we should all be able to come together and say "I Heart Israel!" Find I Heart Israel on Facebook at htttp://

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1. Israel is creating a more sustainable world

Including alternative energy, Israel is a leader in basically every field of sustainability.

Israel has the highest rate of water reclamation in the world, reusing a staggering 80% of its wastewater. Spain, by comparison, has the second highest rate and only reuses 12%.

Israel is also a leader in reforestation and combating desertification. Israel is one of only two countries that entered the 21st century with more trees than it had in the 20th.

2. Without Israel, it's likely you wouldn't be reading this

Are you reading this on your cell-phone? Well, as our friend Matt here says, key cell-phone technology was invented in Israel. Perhaps somebody left you a voicemail telling you that there's an amazing BuzzFeed article you absolutely must read? Voicemail technology was developed in Israel too. Or maybe you're somehow living in 2001 and somebody sent you the link to this article via AOL Instant Messenger? Believe it or not, even instant messaging technology was developed in Israel, by four young unemployed Israelis in Tel Aviv.

Supposing none of those are the case, which I must admit is highly likely, you should know that Intel's Centrino chip, which powers wireless networks, was developed by Intel Israel and most of the Windows operating system was developed by Microsoft Israel.

3. Israel is ridiculously diverse

Awwww. We know.

But really, Israel is an incredibly diverse country and has created an amazing people. 80% of Israel's population is Jewish, but if you think that's a monolithic group, think again. Ever heard the expression "two Jews, three opinions?" Well, there are 6 million Jews in Israel. You do the math.

Jews have moved to Israel from Ethiopia, Russia, Iran, India, Brazil, Europe, North America, Australia, and every other corner of the globe that would take much too long to list. And the other 20% of the population? Glad you asked. Most of them are Arab Muslims with smaller groups of Arab Christians, Bedouin, Druze, Circassians, Baha'i, and others from all over the world.

All these groups have kept aspects of their unique cultures while coming together to form the Israeli people.

4. Israel is a refuge of human rights in the Middle East

Israel exists in a region of the world that is, to be delicate, less than respectful of human rights. Even though Israel has basically been facing constant warfare since its founding 65 years ago, it has somehow avoided this trend and become a beacon of human rights, not only for the Middle East, but for the world.

Israel is a fully functioning democracy in which all of its citizens, regardless of religion, race, gender, or sexual orientation, participate. Israel guarantees freedom of expression, especially if what you want to express is critical of the government or the country as a whole.

Israel goes above and beyond to safeguard life. The Israeli army goes to further lengths to protect the lives civilians than almost any other army in the world.

5. Israel helps a world in need

For its tiny size, Israel has a huge presence on the world stage, helping people suffering from famine, floods, and other natural disasters.

In 2004, Israel was one of the first countries to provide aid after the devastating tsunami in Southeast Asia. In 2010, when Haiti was struck by a disastrous earthquake, Israel was the first country to set up a fully functioning field hospital, despite the fact that it's on the other side of the world. Israel has hosted refugees from Darfur, Bosnia, and Kosovo and has shared life-saving medical and agricultural innovations with communities all over the world.

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