11 Cats You Don’t Want To Date

Cats are proud and would likely think themselves perfect. But if they turned to online dating, would they make the same mistakes we do in our effort to impress? We think they would, and here are the ones to avoid.

1) Profile with poor attempt at cropping out exes

2) Hat guy (you have no idea what’s under there)

3) Scenery dude (yeh we get it, you travel)

4) Cat who looks like this online…..

…and like this in person.

5) Cat with professional headshot

6) Too many selfies (or any selfies for that matter)

7) Frat boy cat

8) Inappropriate profile photos (TMI)

9) I’m-good-with-kids-guy (whose kids are those anyway? It’s always hard to tell)

10) Profile with above-the-neck shots only….

…who looks like this below the neck.

11) Hot tub guy (with underage kittens no less)

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