9 Confessions Of Single Cat Mom

Here we go – please don’t judge me!

What are your deepest cat mom and dad “sins”? This is your chance to confess and clear your conscious (and you’ll make me feel better while you’re at it!).

When I scoop the litter boxes I pretend I’m panning for gold.

I feed them Fancy Feast in addition to Weruva and Wellness (same rational as diet coke with fries).

I employ corporal cuddling and kitty huffing even when they haven’t done anything wrong.

I worry about the lack of a male role model in their lives beyond Skendar the super.

I wish I lived with someone so each cat had a petting hand (not to mention the foster!)

I don’t wash their bowls after every meal.

I’ve fed Kip, my skinny kitty, kibble in the bathroom with the water running so Petie, my chunky monkey, wouldn’t hear!

Not all my fur kids were planned (failed foster!).

My biggest confession of all, and it’s one I’ve only come clean on with myself recently….. While I love all my cats equally, I like one better. Wanna take a guess? I’ll never tell!

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