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A List Of Official U.S. State Dinosaurs

Did you know that there are some states in the U.S. that have 'official dinosaurs'? This list should help you avoid visiting obviously pro-dinosaur states. I spent a lot of time in photoshop making this post. I thought you should know that.

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  • Colorado

    Colorado's state dinosaur is the Stegosaurus, since 1982.

  • District of Columbia

    D.C's state dinosaur is the Capitalsaurus, since 1998.

  • Maryland

    Maryland's state dinosaur is the Astrodon johnstoni, since 1998.

  • Missouri

    Missouri's state dinosaur is the Hypsibema missouriensis, since 2004. I couldn't find a picture of it, so I made my own. I'm sure it's accurate.

  • New Jersey

    New Jersey's state dinosaur is the Jerseysaurus Hadrosaurus foulkii, since 1991.

  • Texas

    Texas' state dinosaur is the Pleurocoelus, since 1997.

  • Wyoming

    Wyoming's state dinosaur is the Triceratops, since 1994.

  • Note that many states actually have state fossils, so you should probably avoid those too.

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