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    These Underwater Photos Of Cancer Survivors Will Take Your Breath Away

    This is what letting go of cancer looks like.

    Online cancer community,, partnered with San-Francisco based underwater photographer, Erena Shimoda, to provide a once in a lifetime experience for cancer survivors - a free underwater photography session that would allow them to let go of cancer and start to heal.

    Underwater, they rediscovered their beauty, strength and capability - and showed the rest of the world what healing looks like.

    Mailet, Breast Cancer Survivor

    Emily, Brain Tumor Fighter

    Lindsey, Breast Cancer Survivor

    Lori, Cervical Cancer Survivor

    Lisa, Breast Cancer Survivor

    Brian, Testicular Cancer Survivor

    Bernadette, Breast Cancer Survivor

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    These are just a few of the stunning photos. Check out Erena Shimoda's portfolio to view more photos from this amazing campagin:

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