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What Sex Toy Do You And Your Partner Love Using Together?

Tell us your favorite toys you and bae use to get down and dirty!

Sex toys are amazing! They're super fun and ridiculously ~satisfying~ during a frisky night when you're home alone.


Not only that, but they're truly the spice of life, especially during sexy times with your boo!

Okay Goodnight / Skydance Television

So we wanna know, what are your favorite sex toys you use with your partner?

Paper Kite Productions/ Comedy Central

Maybe they like to have their mind blown with the ever-popular Satisfyer Pro?

Do you guys utilize the absolute magic of a strap on?

Or maybe using a good ol' bullet vibe while you're stroking does the trick!

Whatever sex toy takes you and bae to higher heights, let us know in the comments and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!