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What Do You Use To Tame Your Curly Hair?

How do (somewhat) control your curls because let's be real, your hair is going to do what it's gonna do regardless!

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Curly hair is glorious. The most regal and original mane ever.


BUT! Those with great style have great responsibility.


Which means dealing with tangles, unwanted humidity fuzz, and brushes that just don't survive.

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In other words, sometimes it completely sucks.

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So I ask, how do you tame your mane?

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What's your morning routine? Do you start off with leave-in conditioner?


I know I can't live without Carol's Daughter's black vanilla leave in spray, leaves my curls soft af, what about you?

Maybe Paul Mitchell's curl definer is more your speed!

Maybe a bit of curly mousse gives you that extra bounce!

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Do you swear by Tresemme's curly mousse or Herbal Essentials? Something COMPLETELY different?

Or do you braid it every night to prevent the unpreventable tangles?!

Whatever you do, let us know in the comments! We'll feature the best suggestions in a future BuzzFeed post.

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