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    22 Useful Tips And Tricks For Anyone Living In A Small Space

    Because you need room to breathe and stretch your limbs once in a while.

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    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the tricks and tips they use to survive in a tiny living space. Here are their incredibly useful suggestions:

    1. Hang your kitchen items on pot and knife racks to free up coveted counter and cabinet space.,


    More counter and cabinet space = more room for food.

    Get a pot rack from Amazon for $30.68 and a knife rack for $16.95.

    2. Keep all of your shit off the floor with an over-the-door hanger (so you won't trip over your own things every five minutes).,

    "In my dorm room, my best friends for keeping my space clear of clutter were over-the-door hooks. That way I had somewhere to hang my jackets and my bags for class, so they wouldn't end up on the floor, but I would still have easy access to them." β€”mistydreamcatcher1942

    Get one from Amazon for $19.99.

    3. Expand your useable space by taking advantage of your walls (by hanging things like these pretty-ass shelves).

    "Use your wall space! Put up hooks, shelves, hangers, etc., in order to hang up all the things that would normally go into a closet or on a shelf. This helped me when I was in college living in a studio, and my pots and pans were always within reach!" β€”camid

    Get them from Urban Outfitters for $34.

    4. Get creative with your decor and storage solutions and purchase dual-function furniture that'll look amazing while also serving a purpose.

    "When living in a small space, consider multifunctional decor. For example, I needed a way to store my scarf collection, but I had limited closet space and was also looking for decor to go above our bed... boom: scarf rack!" β€”lanni

    5. Install mirrors to reflect light and make your room appear bigger than it is...which is EXACTLY what you want, right? Ah, the beauties of science.

    "Hanging large mirrors on the walls or setting a large framed full-length mirror propped up against a wall makes a small room look a lot bigger." β€”kittytoes

    Get this over-the-door mirror from Target for $14.99.

    6. Hide all of your clutter in fashionable storage containers made out of fabric instead of plastic (for the aesthetic).

    "I have storage containers that are woven or fabric material that look nice... so you don't mind people having to look at them, they are in plain sight." –kittytoes

    Get these from Amazon for $9.99.

    7. Start living a more "minimalist" life to make walking through your small space that much easier, y'all!

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    "Instead of having a bunch of decorations that are strictly decorations, have things that double as storage and keep things clean. Having a bunch of decorations ends up looking cluttered." β€”kelseyr

    8. Invest in a drop-leaf table for a flat space to eat your food that you can simply collapse when you're finished (for some much-needed elbow room).

    "Drop-leaf tables are your best friend!" β€”eisham

    Get one from Amazon for $98.61+. Also available in square.

    9. As you organize and arrange your space, be sure to place everything underneath something else. Stacking should be your motto.

    20th Century Fox Television / Via

    "Under the bed, couch, coffee table, and even the night stand. Just don't put a body there (alive or dead). It's weird and most likely will smell bad." β€”kyled

    For more under-bed storage solutions, check out this post!

    10. For example, you can lift your bed with risers to gain some precious under-mattress storage you'll so desperately need, especially if you have a lot of shoes.,

    "We recently had to move in with family and we went from a two-bedroom apartment, with two closets and dressers, to a single room with a tiny closet. We got all of our clothes to fit under the bed with storage bins the risers gave." β€”candicei

    Get a set from Amazon for $17.99.

    11. Or install a taller bed frame.

    "Invest in a lifted bed frame! I have so many boxes and containers under mine that it's like a game of Tetris. BUT it keeps the rest of the living spaces in my tiny house open and clutter-free!" β€”emilyw

    Get this one from Amazon for $72.40+. Also available in twin, twin XL, queen, king, and California king.

    12. Then hunt down some under-bed storage containers. (They're particularly great for off-season clothes that you aren't wearing anytime soon.)

    "Store everything under your bed. You can buy bins that have wheels at any store like Target or Walmart. It's saves so much space." β€”lindsayt

    Get this container from Amazon for $21.99.

    13. Use an over-the-door shoe rack to hold your precious (smaller) items you don't want to leave chilling on the floor and/or don't have room for in your cupboards.,

    "I used an over-the-door shoe rack in my bathroom for hair products, makeup, tampons – everything! It was so easy because it was sectioned off when I had zero bathroom space. Everything needed to serve a purpose so utilizing storage was key and really removing excess junk was life." β€”tracyb

    Get this one from Amazon for $9.99.

    14. Get rid of unwanted clothes periodically – spring cleaning isn't just a term, it's an actual thing people do.

    Nickelodeon Productions / Via

    "Get rid of stuff on a regular basis. I try and keep a Goodwill box going for old clothes, housewares, and so forth. Once or twice a year I go through my closets and get rid of stuff I don't use, want, or need. I'm not the tidiest person, but I've found the best way to live in a small space (about 550 sq. ft.) is to have an appropriate amount of stuff for that space." β€”reprobatemu13

    15. Add curtains to your closet for a feeling of ~openness~ in your room.

    "When I lived in my college apartment my room was the size of a shoebox. One thing that actually really helped to open the space was removing the bulky closet doors I had, buying a cheap shower bar from Amazon, and putting some curtains in front of my closet space instead. It opened up my small room immensely." β€”jessicat

    Get this curtain divider from Amazon for $8.70.

    16. Install as many shelves as you can possibly fit to house each and every one of your "I-can't-get-rid-of-this!" knickknacks.

    "Shelves, shelves, shelves! Shelves around the room near the ceiling for rarely used items and knickknacks. I have them in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, laundry, everywhere!" β€”mooreheadjamie

    Get these from Urban Outfitters for $129.

    17. Effortlessly divide your spaces with a panel screen that can hide all of your personal items, especially if you live in a studio apartment!

    "Wafer-thin division walls and sliding doors work. As does less stuff." β€”matthewm

    Get this one from Amazon for $73.30.

    18. Hold your books AND divide your small bedroom from your small living room with double-sided bookcases. Think of them as kindergarten cubbies, except adult-style.

    "I live in an attic studio with slanted walls. I made one bookcase a room divider so I could have my bed sectioned off AND put books on both sides, doubling the space (I'm a book seller, I own hundreds)." β€”anoukvanderz

    Get one of these units from Amazon for $42.55+. Available in a variety of sizes.

    19. Organize your tiny-ass place (and mind) with the amazing book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

    "Read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Basically, you learn to purge your life of stuff that doesn't 'spark joy.' You may think that some day you're going to need that cupcake-maker/shoe wheel/second crockpot but, unless you use it on the regular or have an emotional connection to it, it's time to throw it out." β€”caitlinm

    Get it from Amazon: paperback for $7.30, hardcover for $9.89, and e-book for $9.99.

    20. Hang wall hooks as a closet-expanding secret weapon to avoid having to get rid of pieces of your wardrobe when you run out of room on the oh-so-small hanging bar.

    "Use your wall space! Put up hooks, shelves, and hangers in order to put up all of the things that would normally go into a closet or on a shelf. This helped me when I was in college living in a studio, and my pots and pans were always within reach!" β€”camid

    Get them from Urban Outfitters for $12 each.

    21. Make room for valuable lounging space with a loft bed, especially if you're always having people over and entertaining. They aren't just for living out your adult bunk-bed fantasies, y'know.

    "My husband and I lived in an apartment that was 180 square feet. We didn't even have a full-size fridge! The one element that really saved us was our loft bed. We managed to fit a whole mini living room underneath, including a couch and a TV – leaving room for a tiny dining room table!" β€”erika

    Get this one from Amazon for $238.44+. Also available in silver.

    22. Finally β€” get in where you fit in! Just stuff all your things anywhere you can. Everything is possible if you believe!

    Broadway Video / NBC / Via

    "I lived in a one-room apartment with six people and we sure as hell fit in all of our possessions." β€”callmedanni6

    Have fun in your tiny space, y'all! It's all yours!

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