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    25 Perfect Products For Anyone Who's An Old Person Trapped In A Young Person's Body

    If you're thinking about ways you can ditch your friends for a good cuppa and reruns of Judge Judy, this might be the post for you.

    1. A French press because you need some warm coffee for those long nights in.

    2. A personal wine glass for those dinner parties you'll be hosting because going out to loud clubs just isn't your speed.

    3. This floral oven mitt and pot holder to have you channeling your inner Pioneer Woman. Those chocolate sheet cakes will turn out so well, I believe in you!

    4. Some comfortable penny loafers because honestly, high heels are such a hassle, and you're not about that life.

    5. A comfy-ass cardigan that'll match with those loafers and keep you warm because you're ALWAYS cold.

    6. This subscription box mixes three great things – books, chocolate, and a warm beverage. They're the perfect materials for a long, relaxing bath.

    7. A handy opener that'll be so useful for the bottle of wine you're planning on cracking open during your next Netflix binge.

    8. A relatable throw blanket that'll keep you toasty when you start that book you've been dying to read, because you TOO like sweatpants and staying home.

    9. Dozens of people prefer cats over dogs, so why not show everyone that you do with the cutest mug ever.

    10. Trying to make some yummy brownies but afraid they'll stick? This silicone baking pan will make cool owls that will actually come out with their faces intact.

    11. Every old soul needs a crochet and knitting kit to make those ugly holiday sweaters that are somehow in right now, you've got the skill!

    12. I don't know what is more grandma than a warm, snuggly, fluffy robe to get into at the end of the day. Sounds comfortable.

    13. A shoulder bag to announce your after-work plans because let's be real, you don't have any, and aren't embarrassed about it!

    14. When you've run out of all the baking recipes that you've saved, try out this cookbook that'll prepare you for The Great British Bake Off -- even if you don't live in the U.K.

    15. Everyone has this problem where you wanna cuddle up underneath the covers, but can't actually hold anything while you're there. A snuggie will solve all of that.

    16. There's a reason why your grandmother's house smells like heaven. This candle will have your domain smelling like roses.

    17. Tote bags shouldn't be this cute, but this dancing panda can honestly hold everything in it if you let her. Grandmas love cute shit, and so do you.

    18. An oversized denim jacket because you obviously have to dress for the weather, and whoever doesn't is just foolish.

    19. Strawberry candies to put in your purse because you just can't resist, they taste so good.

    20. And if you aren't in the mood for strawberry, these good ol' caramel hard candies will still give you that satisfaction.

    21. Who needs jeans when you can wear a pair of joggers? They're perfect to bake in.

    22. Keep your feet warm with these sleep-in-club socks. You're definitely thinking about taking a nap right now aren't you?

    23. A tea infuser for variety. Tea lovers need love, too!

    24. The purr-fect mug to hold your freshly steeped tea. Totally heals the soul.

    25. A throw pillow to inform everyone of your true age, and that it actually makes you more fabulous.

    Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.