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25 Things That'll Make Your Kitchen The Cleanest Place On Earth

Every great chef begins with a clean kitchen. I don't make the rules, Gordon Ramsay does.

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1. An oven cleaner to remove all of the grease and grime that has built up in your oven for literal years.

Spray this cleaner inside your oven and it'll eat away grease in grime in under ten minutes. Sounds like magic!

Promising Review: "I was skeptical about this product because my oven is nearly 40-years-old and I'm not sure if it had ever been cleaned. We followed the directions and let this spray soak in for eight hours. This product worked so well it looks like we have a brand new oven. I have never seen it so clean. I would highly recommend this cleaner to anyone with a filthy oven — wow." —Mike

Get it from Amazon for $7.05.

2. An angry microwave cleaner able to steam off crusted food, because you just couldn't be bothered with covering the top of your plate to avoid splatter.

Promising Review: "This thing is fun and makes me laugh. It makes the cleaning day just a little brighter! It does a very good job at softening splatters in the microwave and making it easier to wipe clean." —E. Deland

Get it from Amazon for $9.89.


3. A super magical kitchen eraser sponge to cut through tons of grease and grime, showing the true colors of your countertops for the first time in forever.

Promising Review: "I love using these in my kitchen, on the counters, sink, and the stove. I have used them to clean up water on the stove from water over-boiling when making mashed potatoes. It worked wonders and made the cleaning up process so much easier. I let the water sit overnight, so it was caked on it a bit. Which I know, I should have cleaned it up right away, but I was tired and hungry." —Mary Arthur

Get a four-pack from Amazon for $7.49.

4. A glass cooktop cleaner essential for removing the burnt, caked-on food stuck on the sides of your burner from your latest cooking disaster.

Promising Review: "This stuff is incredible. My rental apartment has a white glass cooktop and it gets nasty even if you use very clean pots and pans on it. Before I found this stuff, I thought that for sure I would lose a big chunk of my security deposit, but I have yet to encounter a stain that this stuff cannot remove. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries alternating between the paste and the razor scraper, but even the most stubborn burned-on, carbonized food bits always come off." —A Real Name

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

5. A brush set tiny enough that it can catch all of the soap grime around your kitchen faucet and stove knobs.

Promising Review: "These are absolutely a must for grout cleaning and deep cleaning the hard-to-get-to nooks and crannies in the kitchen and bathroom. The ergonomic handles are easy on your wrists, and the strong bristles get the job done. While I have a larger grout brush on hand for the grout on my tile floor, these are perfect for countertop tile grout." —Sandy B.

Get it from Amazon for $5.99.

6. A handy-dandy mop perfect for cleaning your dirty kitchen floors, saving you from stepping on cookie crumbs you dropped on your midnight snack adventures.

Promising Review: "I love this mop. Our house is 80% tile and I hate cleaning it. Normally, I just lug out my steam mop, plug it in, and wait for it to warm up so I can mop. This was a smart investment for us. I received it today and have already cleaned my kitchen floor. It feels super clean – much more than my steam mop ever made it feel. I also like that the head is removable and washable. I also like that I can change the soap to be whatever soap I want so I can change the scent based on my mood." —Stacie Vargas

Get it from Amazon for $21.78.


7. A pack of microfiber towels that will wipe down any and all of your appliances, leaving them squeaky clean and without those pesky streaks.

Promising Review: "I highly recommend this cloth. I use it mainly in the kitchen and to wipe our dining table. It cleans everything. I wipe the cabinets, microwave, stove top, floor, and other appliances that are on top of the counter! This size is also perfect, it isn't too big or too small. I just fold it in half, and again so the thickness and size is perfect to clean. Then I just rinse in the water and use the dish-washing liquid to wash off the grease. It is nice and dry by the next meal time, and it never smells or stays dirty." —Elisa

Get them from Amazon for $14.16.

8. A stainless-steel cleaner to remove all of those annoying little fingerprints on your fridge.

Promising Review: "I finally purchased a beautiful stainless steel refrigerator. Unfortunately, after the delivery guys left, I noticed marks on the front doors left by packing tape. I was unable to wash off the marks. In addition, I noticed fingerprint marks almost every time I opened the refrigerator which, for the most part, would not come off. I used this on the refrigerator as soon as it arrived and was amazed at how easily the marks came off. Extra bonus: No new fingerprints since my first application a week ago! It really works!" —J. Kruger

Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

9. An all-natural, all-purpose cleaner you won't be afraid to leave on the floor with your precious pets — it's also amazing at wiping off any leftover cooking juices.

Promising Review: "This stuff is awesome! I have several dogs and so I have been putting this product through its paces. I am pleased to say that it worked well on dried cat puke on an outside wood table, stainless steel, caked-on grease on the stove, kitchen counters, and mud paw prints in too many places to remember. I will definitely continue to use this product. I love the smell, too!" —Vickie S. Simpson

Get it from Amazon for $13.99.

10. A handy dish brush with a soap dispenser, making it even easier to scrub the dishes that have been sitting in your sink for nearly a week.

Seriously, clean that shit up.

Promising Review: "This is my favorite kitchen brush. It looks classy and has a nice brushed finish and black accents. But most importantly it cleans well. When you push the button soap comes out. Another really handy feature is that you can replace just the heads, and it's pretty cheap. This means you can be more hygienic and keep the brush head clean, without having to replace the entire brush." —Lindsey W

Get it from Amazon for $12.95.


11. An absolutely adorable sink strainer to catch bits of extra food from falling inside your drain, essentially saving you thousands of dollars on plumbing bills.

Promising Review: "These little gems work excellently to keep small bits of food from going down the drain and ultimately clogging our ancient plumbing. They are much better than the plugs that came with the sink and are very easy to clean." —Elle

Get it from Amazon for $5.99.

12. An amazing grout-cleaning spray that will magically remove all the dirt on your floors you forgot was actually there.

Promising Review: "I have light-colored grout on my kitchen tile and was looking for something that would really clean it without all the extra scrubbing effort. This product really does what it claims. I just sprayed a section of grout and walked away for five minutes, came back with a little scrubber, and without much effort removed all the dirt and stain. The grout looks brand new." —toto

Get it from Amazon for $23.98.

13. A vacuum cleaner to quickly pick up stray dog food or crumbs before mopping.

Promising Review: "Not only does this vacuum work on my kitchen and bathroom hard floors, but this is AMAZING on the carpeting throughout the house! To my surprise, the suction on this little vacuum is just uncanny. I am in disbelief at the amount of dust, hair, and particles this little machine sucks up! I wouldn't trade this little guy for the world." —BNd

Get it from Amazon for $18.99.

14. A dishwasher disinfectant for everyone lucky enough to be in possession of one but who can't be bothered to clean it by hand.

Promising Review: "I've been a loyal user ever since I had a nasty buildup in my dishwasher. I cleaned and cleaned it by hand, but the hoses were still dirty so my dishes were not getting clean. I had a handyman come to the house to fix my machine, but he suggested this product. It not only cleans the parts you can see, but it cleans the inside parts better. I use the cleaner every couple of months to keep my dishwasher clean and free of buildup." —Anne K Johnson

Get it from Amazon for $7.13.


15. An activated carbon fridge deodorizer ready to cut through all the rank smells caused by leftovers you never throw away.

Promising Review: "We put this in the refrigerator to cancel out some of the smells in there and it worked great. It soaks up the smell and keeps the fridge smelling fresh." —Gloria Caojun

Get a four-pack from Amazon for $11.99.

16. A stainless steel cast iron cleaner that won't actually ruin your seasoned pan. Score!

Promising Review: "It is nice when you find a solution that simply works. As simple as it is, a piece of well-made chain mail, it does exactly what it is supposed to do, and it does it well. I have used this to clean cast iron skillets and my cast iron grill grates. This is also my go-to scrubber for any stubborn baked on or burnt foods, and as mentioned, The Ringer simply works. From the looks of it, I imagine this thing will outlast me and my kids by many, many years." —Joe

Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

17. A super useful sponge holder where all of your dishwashing equipment can rest and won't suffer from dreaded mildew.

Promising Review: "This caddy stays in place and is easy to pull up to clean underneath. It holds my dish soap, hand soap, and scrubber while keeping the liquid soap from my countertop." —L. Hobbit

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

18. A pack of disinfecting wipes so you can wipe up the quick spills you made while cooking your latest masterpiece.

Promising Review: "I am a neat freak so I'm always cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, and the rest of the house. These wipes are so convenient and so easy to use that I even have my 6-year-old helping me clean with them. The benefit is you don't have to spray and waste more cleaning stuff and then wipe more than you need. These can be used on almost anything that you want: stainless-steel, finished hardwood, mirrors, glass, walls, and on everything in your bathroom." —Donna M. Myers

Get a four-pack of canisters from Amazon for $20.86.


19. Dishwashing tablets with a ~powerball boost~ that'll be able to clean even the dirtiest of dirty dishes while using the least amount of effort.

Promising Review: "These really make a difference. They clean better, and have less residue. They were recommended by service person as better for the dishwasher, and we have had not clogs since we started using them." —Deborah

Get them from Amazon for $12.19.

21. Shelf liners that will protect your cabinets and drawers from sticky condiments and protect you from the extra work of wiping them down.

Promising Review: "We moved into a new house with less than adequate shelving and the first thing I did was clean the kitchen from top to bottom and line all the cabinets and drawers with liners. With the help of the select easy liner I don't have to worry about my stuff sliding in drawers or touching the dirty shelves. That was the best thing I ever did. It was super easy to install so I also lined my cabinets and drawers in both my bathrooms." —Mrs. Hopefully

Get it from Amazon for $11.49. Available in eight colors.

22. A cleansing powder to easily remove built-up rust and hard water stains in your kitchen sink.

Promising Review: "Best stuff ever. I have an ancient porcelain kitchen sink and it was scratched, stained, dingy and icky. The only reason I hadn't replaced it is that I was waiting to redo the entire kitchen. One application of Bar Keeper's Friend and some light elbow grease later, the sink is white, pristine, stain and scratch-free." —P

Get it from Amazon for $4.30.


23. Squiggly cleaning brushes that will get even the most caked-on grease stains on your gas range.

Promising Review: "This tool is good for cleaning the small crack between the oven and the counter that collects crumbs and dust. It gets the job done!" —Woodhacker

Get them from Amazon for $6.98.

24. A pack of garbage disposal cleaners so your sink won't actually smell like the shit you just threw away.

Promising Review: "These beads leave the kitchen sink and disposal area smelling quite nice. I only use them when I want to really freshen up the kitchen, like when guest are arriving or when there is a noticeable odor coming from the disposal. They work fast, eliminate any bad odors, and the nice smell lasts for a few hours each time they're activated." —Tstone

Get them from Amazon for $10.81. Also available in orange.

25. A steel wool scouring pad to ~really~ get stubborn food from the corners of pots and pans.

Promising Review: "I have used these scrubbers without any heavy duty cleaners on fiberglass tubs to remove soap scum, ceramic tile floors to remove hairspray, stainless steel kitchen sink to remove coffee and tea stains, pots and pans and the list goes on! They are all purpose and work great especially for those who do not like to use chemical cleaners! They're also great on lime and rust removal!" —kschafer

Get it from Amazon for $9.01.

Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.