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    24 Kawaii AF Things To Make Your Life A Little Cuter

    Cute shit that'll literally make your heart burst. In a good way.

    1. Jolly nightlights to illuminate your dark room and make it a little less creepy at night.

    2. Cute cartoon gel pens that will totally brighten your day, even if you have to go to class and take notes.

    3. An adorably clingy bear case to keep your phone company whenever you aren't there.

    4. Pleasing plush bear claws that will keep your hands warm when the rest of you is freezing.

    5. Darling tinted lipgloss to moisturize dry lips with bits of vitamin E, making them soft to the touch.

    6. A charming bread plush you probably would feel guilty trying to eat if it were edible.

    7. Knee-high socks to show everyone how much you love animated animals.

    8. A cute-ass sloth and panda print. They both love naps and being on comfy couches!

    9. A relaxing and moisturizing egg puff makeup sponge to blend your foundation, blush, and highlighter to high-heaven.

    10. Totoro slippers that will definitely keep your feet warm and comfy around the house because he's your friend!

    11. An inviting phone case with a squish-able cat to poke at whenever you have some anxious energy to burn.

    12. A tiny, squishy, and surprisingly delightful penis squeeze toy that would really like it if you would be friends. Look at that smile and those feet.

    13. A splendid T-shirt with the most in-love bombs you ever did see!

    14. A magical unicorn shower cap to save your hair from getting wet and drippy.

    15. Colorful mini staplers that will keep all of your important papers together if it's the last thing they do.

    16. A totally useful Pusheen Cat pencil pouch to hold all of your pens, pencils and erasers in one place.

    17. An iconic Hello Kitty crossbody bag you'll be scared to get dirty since it's so cute.

    18. A lazy, but no less delightful mouse pad to help you browse the interwebs.

    19. A brown bear laundry basket that just loves the smell of freshly washed clothes.

    20. A delightful sushi backpack to hold all of your valued possessions.

    21. A surprisingly spooky dress with the most bewitching ghosts... they really don't want to haunt you – they're just as harmless as Casper!

    22. A Sailor Moon handbag to show you the true power of friendship and girl power.

    23. A panda hand cream made with shea butter to smooth and soothe rough palms.

    24. And a fucking adorable panda pillow to show how much you love them, but actually appreciate ice cream more than life itself.

    Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    That's some cute shit right there!