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24 Kawaii AF Things To Make Your Life A Little Cuter

Cute shit that'll literally make your heart burst. In a good way.

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1. Jolly nightlights to illuminate your dark room and make it a little less creepy at night.

Promising Review: "I bought this mini egg lamp because sometimes my girlfriend needs the light to go to the restroom at midnight. This mini egg lamp works very well! The light is soft and it saves energy a lot. The size of it is very compact. The design of style looks super cute!" –John Baker

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

2. Cute cartoon gel pens that will totally brighten your day, even if you have to go to class and take notes.

Promising Review: "The pens are super cute and have a very fine tip, which is perfect for a bit of line work or just for notes. I have given a couple to the ladies in my office and they love them, too!" –Sariah

Get it from Amazon for $.99+.


4. Pleasing plush bear claws that will keep your hands warm when the rest of you is freezing.

Promising Review: "These very cute and very soft gloves are my new favorite. My work can get pretty cold and they only allow us to wear fingerless gloves so this is my fun loophole. These keep my hands nicely warm, and I can type and use the mouse without any hindrance. Plus, they're super fun." –Christine

Get it from Amazon for $8.59.

5. Darling tinted lipgloss to moisturize dry lips with bits of vitamin E, making them soft to the touch.

Promising Review: "This gloss is such a pretty color. It has good coverage but feels like there is nothing on my lips! It also smells delicious." –Elise Cuellar

Get it from Soko Glam for $8 or Amazon for $8.

6. A charming bread plush you probably would feel guilty trying to eat if it were edible.

Promising Review: "Love this cutie! Looking at Loafy gives me instant smiles! He makes me happy and he's so cuddly. I love Loafy and he'll have a spot as my squishy bed partner for awhile (or until my dogs learn how to get on the new bed)." –Zeal Fantasy

Get it from Amazon for $15.


9. A relaxing and moisturizing egg puff makeup sponge to blend your foundation, blush, and highlighter to high-heaven.

Promising Review: "Love it! I love Gudatama so of course I had to get this. Works great. I don't own the original beauty blender, but this blends well to my liking. It's also very soft and not stiff at all." –Vivian

Get it from Amazon for $6.99.


11. An inviting phone case with a squish-able cat to poke at whenever you have some anxious energy to burn.

Promising Review: "Got this case for my girlfriend. She really liked it and the squishy cat is really fun to play with." –Aaron

Get it from Amazon for $8.75. Compatible with the iPhone 6.

12. A tiny, squishy, and surprisingly delightful penis squeeze toy that would really like it if you would be friends. Look at that smile and those feet.

Promising Review: "These are hilarious and adorable! My fiancé and I take turns hiding it around the house to make each other laugh." –Stephanie Mundo

Get it from Amazon for $1.76.


19. A brown bear laundry basket that just loves the smell of freshly washed clothes.

Promising Review: "It's just big enough for one person and helps me keep up with my dirty clothes as it fills up to the size of a perfect load of laundry." –Kat

Get it from Amazon for $5.96.

21. A surprisingly spooky dress with the most bewitching ghosts... they really don't want to haunt you – they're just as harmless as Casper!

Promising Review: "This dress is so comfy and cute! All the seams are very nicely finished, and the material is very nice." –Marlaina Scowden

Get it from Amazon for $17.99+. Sizes: XS-5XL.

22. A Sailor Moon handbag to show you the true power of friendship and girl power.

Promising Review: "This bag is beautiful. Even if you aren't that big a fan of Sailor Moon, it's super cute and simple enough that it doesn't HAVE to tie back to Sailor Moon if you don't want it to! The stitching on the bag is well done, and the ears are unobtrusive and flexible so they can fold and not be bent by the bag being opened or set down. The fabric is easy to wipe down and clean up, and the strap is entirely adjustable, like a belt!" –Holland

Get it from Amazon for $16.99. Available in black.


23. A panda hand cream made with shea butter to smooth and soothe rough palms.

Promising Review: "This hand cream is so cute and very moisturizing. I love this packaging, and it is compact enough to keep in a purse. The peach scent is light and fruity, not too strong, and doesn't leave a sticky feeling. I bought two others of this same cream and my friends loved it as well. I love pandas, so this hand cream was perfect for me." –AndiB

Get it from Amazon for $5.99.

Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.