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    29 Awesome Things From Urban Outfitters You'll Want To Wear Tomorrow

    Cute hipster shit is your aesthetic, don't lie.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. A vintage pair of recycled Levi jeans with a groovy side stripe so you can get your Joni Mitchell on.

    Price: $79. Sizes: XS-XL. Available in four colors.

    2. A Friends t-shirt that will let everyone know just how committed you are to the pure joy of the show.

    Price: $39. Sizes: S-XL

    3. A '90s inspired belt to add a little pizzazz to your fabulous outfit.

    Promising review: "I have this belt in black and I love its style. It's simple enough to pair with almost anything, but with enough hardware to up any outfit's badassery level." —bfastclub

    Price: $29. Sizes: S-L. Also available in brown.

    4. A fluffy, cold-shoulder sweater in a fabulous pink to make everything in your life that much brighter.

    Price: $69. Sizes: XS-XL.

    5. A pair of comfortable velvet leggings, because the '00s are back with a vengeance!

    Promising review: "Just got this exact outfit and they are SO cute together. They're super comfy!" —Christine1109

    Price: $40. Sizes: XS-L. Also available in black.

    6. A totally old fashioned wide-brim hat your grandfather probably would want to steal from you because it reminds him of his youth.

    Promising review: "I have a fairly large head and the medium fits perfectly. I love it, but I was nervous to wear it out in public. Literally every time I wear this hat, I get compliments from strangers." —michaeloooo

    Price: $58. Also available in black.

    7. A button-down dress that you can layer appropriately when it gets a little too cold for dresses but you want to wear one anyway.

    Promising review: "This midi dress provides a more customized fit that I love. It has an elasticized back panel at the torso and adjustable shoulder straps. I love that the front is button-down so you can opt to show a little leg." —ExtraPetiteBlog

    Price: $49. Sizes: XS-XL. Available in four colors.

    8. A scully hat to keep your head from being exposed to the harsh winter winds.

    9. A femme t-shirt, because you truly are the most fashionable person ever and need a shirt to match.

    Promising review: "This shirt is very well made. It has very soft fabric, fits perfectly, and goes well with everything; I love it!"

    Price: $29. Sizes: S-XL. Available in three colors.

    10. A floral velvet t-shirt so you can merge the delicacy of spring with the lushness of fall.

    Price: $34. Sizes: XS-XL

    11. A reversible plush coat that'll definitely withstand the chilly fall weather. It also just so happens to look like a muppet.

    Price: $98. Also available in black.

    12. An old school Tommy Jeans rugby t-shirt to show everyone that you aren't anyone to fuck with.

    Price: $79. Sizes: XS-L

    13. A super soft flannel shirt you can pair with literally anything. If Kurt Cobain did it, so can you.

    Smells like teen spirit.

    Promising review: "The material is super soft and it's a perfect length. The small goes down to the bottom of my butt, and the sleeves have a relaxed fit to them without flapping around." —GirlyGGirl13

    Price: $49. Sizes: XS-XL. Available in five colors.

    14. A classic pair of Mary Jane heels to liven up any fancy outfit you have.

    Price: $69. Sizes: 6-10. Also available in black.

    15. Pleated satin pants for when you want to look super professional without being boring.

    Price: $59. Sizes: 0-16

    16. An oversized blazer to pair with a good pair of jeans for an effortless, put-together look.

    Price: $59. Sizes: S-L. Also available in grey.

    17. A dope pair of Nike Royales that'll lowkey remind you of the ones Forrest Gump wore when he was trying to forget Jenny.

    Spoiler alert: he could never forget about Jenny.

    Price: $55. Sizes: 5-10

    18. An out-of-this-world pair of alien slippers for when you've had enough of earth and just can't wait to be abducted.

    Price: $15. Sizes: XS-M

    19. An oversized tote bag so you can carry your computer, your dog, and everything else from place to place.

    Price: $39. Available in five colors.

    20. A not-so-basic button-up shirt, because sometimes pullovers and sweaters just don't fit the look you're going for.

    Price: $59. Sizes: XS-XL. Also available in black.

    21. "Go Away" socks that will let everyone in your direct vicinity know that you really aren't in the mood for bullshit.

    Price: $14. Also available in black.

    22. An oversized cardigan to keep you nice and toasty while you're lounging on the couch, binge-watching the new season of Stranger Things.

    Promising review: "This is literally the perfect oversized sweater. It's super soft and the exact style I was looking for." —danielleR143

    Price: $69. Sizes: XS-XL. Available in four colors.

    23. A black denim jacket so you can be as edgy as you wanna be.

    Promising review: "I love this jacket! the detailing is great for an edgier/street style look." —cardinalgirl

    Price: $69. Sizes: XS-L. Also available in grey.

    24. A reliable fanny pack to make sure your hands are always free to do some weird shit.

    Price: $20. Also available in black.

    25. A super warm scarf that will help you avoid the customary change-of-weather flu or cold.

    26. A turtleneck mini dress to wear to all of the fancy-ass holiday parties you're gonna be invited to.

    Promising review: "It's super soft and cozy, and it could easily carry into winter with tights and boots." —ryn15

    Price: $39. Sizes: XS-XL. Available in four colors.

    27. A comfy pair of ankle booties to wear when things get a tad bit chilly and your toes need warmth.

    Promising review: "When I tried them on, they fit perfectly and were super comfortable. I wear them almost every day and they're still in perfect condition!" —SierraMarieee

    Price: $79. Sizes: 5-10

    28. A pair of honey hoop earrings that your ears will honestly thank you for.

    29. A pair of fishnet socks to put a bit of punk rock into your outfit.

    Promising review: "They are the perfect size and a great addition to any outfit!" —maggiemaggiemaggiemaggie

    Price: $12. Available in four colors.

    Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    So many options, so little time!

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