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    31 Things From Forever 21 You'll Want To Wear This Fall

    Sweater weather is upon us, rejoice!


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    1. Velvet bellbottom pants that will totally help you get your Saturday Night Fever on.

    Price: $14.90. Sizes: 0X-3X. Also available in black.

    2. A black sweater with edgy frayed ends reminisent of your favorite punk band, Blondie.

    Price: $22.90. Sizes: S-L. Also available in grey.

    3. A high-low blazer to bring a bit of fun to dull, office fashion.... to you at least.

    Price: $12 (originally $24.90). Sizes: S-L.

    4. A swing dress capable of making you look put together without putting in an ounce of effort.

    Price: $10 Sizes: S-L. Available in three colors.

    5. A purple mock-neck sweater that's totally lightweight and breathable so you'll be warm but won't overheat.

    Price: $9.90. Sizes: 0X-3X. Also available in black.

    6. A faux leather jacket with a nifty attached hoodie just in case raindrops start falling on your head.

    Price: $32.90. Sizes: 0X-3X.

    7. A turtleneck crop top that will keep your neck warm, while also providing much needed cool air to your midriff.

    Price: $19.90. Sizes: 0X-3X. Also available in black.

    8. An oversized sweater so you won't have to steal your boyfriend's. You know he'll hold it against you for as long as you're with him (and even after that).

    Price: $24.90. Sizes:S-L.

    9. An extra durable rain jacket that will ensure your clothes stay nice and dry just in case a storm cloud descends from the sky.

    Price: $22.90. Sizes: XS-L.

    10. A silky maxi dress for all of those holiday parties you'll probably get invited to because you're so fucking popular.

    Price: $27.90. Sizes: S-L.

    11. A Clueless sweatshirt Cher would honestly approve of because it has her face on it.

    Price: $22.90. Sizes: S-L.

    12. A fluffy scarf that will keep you nice and toasty when the temperature drops.

    Price: $14.90. Also available in rust.

    13. A wine-colored corduroy dress to pair with a comfy, oversized sweater.

    Price: $19.90. Sizes: S-L.

    14. A dependable flannel shirt that'll keep your extremities from getting frostbite once the weather changes...again.

    Price: $15.99. Sizes: S-L. Available in three colors.

    15. A dramatic-ass trench coat to wear when the wind picks up and you need something to keep you warm.

    Price: $39.90. Sizes: S-L.

    16. Chelsea boots that'll look really fucking trendy with a utility jacket and skinny jean combo.

    Price: $34.90 Sizes: 5.5-10.

    17. A metallic, long-sleeve crop top perfect for when you want to show your cute-ass bellybutton at the club.

    Price: $19.90. Sizes: S-XL.

    18. A wool fedora that will look amazing with whatever the hell you wear while also giving off an air of mystery.

    Price: $19.90 Sizes: S-L. Also available in black.

    19. A faux-fur vest so you can look expensive AF without giving up your title of "most likely to be broke" in your friend group.

    Price: $17. Sizes: S-XL.

    20. An oversized denim jacket for everyone who just loves the look of classic fashion.

    Price: $39.90 Sizes: S-L.

    21. A floral top with bell sleeves so you can serve some Joan Baez realness.

    Price: $17.90 Sizes: S-XL.

    22. A rose-colored jacket for anyone who misses the light colors of summer but doesn't want to freeze.

    Price: $27 Sizes: 0X-3X.

    23. A velvet beret, because if you can't go to Paris you'll bring Paris to you, goddammit!

    Price: $14.90. Also available in burgundy.

    24. A plaid blazer so you can do very important business in style.

    Price: $34.80 Sizes: S-L.

    25. A corduroy cabby hat to protect your head from the freezing weather you were wishing for in the middle of August.

    26. A crushed velvet dress so you can live out all of your '90s club dreams.

    Price: $17.90 Sizes: 0X-3X. Available in three colors.

    27. A super sporty windbreaker with a bit of color-blocked, '80s flair to keep you warm during your early morning jog.

    Price: $22.90 Sizes: S-L. Available in two colors.

    28. A Powerpuff Girls bomber jacket so you can fight crime and try to save the world as we know it.

    Price: $34.90 Sizes: S-L.

    29. A pair of fishnet stockings to go with your ripped pants or shorts because fall is just an excuse to be super fucking edgy.

    Price: $12 Sizes: 1X-2X. Also available in red.

    30. A totally awesome cameo utility jacket that will keep you warm, but not too warm while you're out and about.

    Price: $29.90 Sizes: 0X-3X.

    31. An adorable pair of puppy slippers to protect your precious feet from getting cold while walking around the house during chilly mornings.

    Price: $12.90 Sizes: S-L.

    Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    May fall be as cool as a cucumber!

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