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    30 Things For Your Home From Walmart That You’ll Absolutely Want To Buy

    From floor lamps to holographic silverware, we've got you covered.

    1. An industrial wall shelf to display all of the stunning Polaroid photos of all the adventures you've been on.

    2. A glass pot holder so all of your flowers can look like they've been suspended in air.

    3. A brass floor lamp for some mid-century modern vibes in your living room.

    4. An area rug made of natural fibers so the soles of your feet can feel some fun texture while you're lounging around the house.

    5. A fancy crystal candle holder that'll hold your favorite scented candle while it illuminates your bedroom, creating a peaceful mood for fininshing the romance novel you've had on your bedside table for weeks.

    6. A patterned throw blanket to bring a bit of personality to your boring but extremely comfortable couch.

    7. A set of string lights because you would prefer your nighttime get-togethers in your backyard to have the right ambiance. Here's to long summer nights.

    8. A full body mirror that'll give you a complete view of your look right before you head out the door.

    9. And a red wine decanter to add some much-needed air in order for the flavors to really *pop*.

    10. A sleek and modern coat rack to hang your light jackets and bags so they won't end up on your couch or, worse, your floor.

    11. A set of soap dispensers that'll hold your favorite hand soap and impress your guests by your actually having lotion available as well. Moisturizing is important, people.

    12. A set of Tasty kitchen utensils for making multiple culinary masterpieces the right way.

    13. An acrylic makeup organizer that'll hold all of your brushes, highlighter, and foundation all in one place that is easy to find.

    14. A handy shelf riser so you can hold more plates, cups, and bowls in your kitchen that already has negative cabinet space.

    15. An unbreakable dinnerware set for the one guest who is eternally clumsy and will break your nice glasses if given the chance.

    16. A Drain Weasel because let's be real, having a bathroom flood just because you've had a clogged sink or shower filled with hair clumps just isn't a good look.

    17. A shower caddy with suction cups that'll hold all of your shower gel, exfoliators, and face cleansers all in one place.

    18. A gripped grout brush so your bathroom and kitchen tiles can look brand spanking new.

    19. A set of drawer organizers that'll help clean up all the mess you have made to all of your formally folded clothes.

    20. A 20-piece holographic silverware set because you live in the future and the utensils you eat with have to be on theme.

    21. A faux-leather ottoman your feet will be all too happy to kick up onto. It also has a space for extra storage, so say goodbye to clutter!

    22. An under-sink drawer and shelf to hold all of your cleaning supplies in one specific space without taking over too much space.

    23. A wooden side table because you love clean lines and a place to stack your endless magazine collection.

    24. A cushioned gel mat for giving your feet some relief from washing a whole sink full of dishes after hosting a successful dinner party.

    25. An oval mirror to continously look at yourself like that villian from Snow White. We stan a fashionable Evil Queen, ok?!

    26. A set of nested bowls that look like lotus flowers for peaceful decoration on your dining room table.

    27. A set of stemless wine glasses for hosting the perfect wine night.

    28. A stoneware baker that'll house the most delicious macaroni and cheese you've ever made.

    29. A Rub-a-Way Bar to rid yourself of the strong smell of garlic you've been furiously chopping because more is more.

    30. A set of measuring utensils to ready and accurately make the brownie recipe you've been procrastinating on trying.

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