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    21 Of The Prettiest Face Highlighters Ever

    Go on and highlight your life!

    1. Milk Makeup Holographic Stick to help you achieve your dreams of looking like an actual space unicorn!

    2. Too Faced Love Light Prismatic highlighter with a cool liquid-to-powder formula that will allow you to build up to the amount of shine you want on your face.

    3. Tarte Spellbound Glow Rainbow highlighter with the right amount of trendy, iridescent, pastel colors for your face to shimmer in just the right way.

    4. Benefit Cosmetics Highlighter Hotshots (it includes three shades of blendable highlighter to try out if you're totally indecisive).

    5. Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic palette for anyone looking to be a mysterious traveler from another galaxy. It has a silky smooth prismatic coating to give your face a look way ahead of its time.

    6. Beauty Bakerie Glistened Illuminator with just the right amount of pigment to brighten your whole face, especially if you have a darker skin tone!

    7. BH Cosmetics Wild and Alluring palette—exactly what a mermaid would use if she was able to do makeup underwater (it has vivid blues and greens).

    8. This TheBalm Manizer highlighter that gives off a subtle glow on your cheekbones or anywhere else you apply it. A simple shine is great for everyday wear.

    9. E.l.f. Cosmetics Facial Whip—it's infused with Vitamin E to brighten your skin even more while you wear it.

    10. The BH Cosmetics Silver Strike palette with a versatile range of dark and light colors that can be used for the perfect contour.

    11. Benefit Cosmetics High Beam highlighter that comes with a nail polish-esque applicator to make it easier to highlight your brows and other small crevices on your face.

    12. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector formulated with color-shifting pigments so whenever you face a different way, someone else might see a different shade. How cool!

    13. Tarte Twinkle Lighting palette to get just the right amount of definition on your cheeks without being too overwhelming.

    14. Benefit Cosmetics Girl Meets Pearl highlighter for a very low-key, sheer product that can give your face a nice, dewy shine.

    15. Tarte Pro Glow liquid highlighter, if gold and brown tones are more your thing. It has a range of intensity, so if you want to be more casual or super extra, it's got you covered!

    16. This cool blue Colourpop Super Shock highlighter. It's amazingly easy to work with, and even has a bit of glitter! Elsa herself would be so jealous.

    17. Maybelline Master Strobing Stick—ideal for anyone who's starting out on their makeup journey and needs something really simple to play around with.

    18. This Lime Crime High-Lite palette with three long-lasting shades for you to steal the show! It's also cruelty-free! A bold, iridescent look is all you need to be your own star.

    19. NYX Cosmetics Born To Glow illuminator—a lightweight, multi-functional highlighter you can put anywhere, even your boobs if you're into that. They deserve to shine, too.

    20. Tarte Twinkle Stick highlighter with coconut extract and antioxidants to moisturize your skin, while leaving it smashingly shimmery.

    21. E.l.f. Studio Baked highlighter for creating a radiant glow with a sheer and shimmering powder that can be applied wet or dry.

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