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    17 Of The Best Things Under $10 To Buy At Sephora

    When you wanna go to Sephora, but don't have Sephora money...

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This colorful gloss balm because matte lipstick is nice enough, but sometimes you just want a little shine.

    Promising review: "This lip gloss is the perfect consistency for me. It's not too liquid-y, not too creamy, and definitely not sticky. The color pay-off is great, and the product really moisturizes your lips. I have multiples shades of this lip gloss, and i love them all!" —jaejwshin

    Price: $5+ (available in 29 colors)

    2. Makeup sponges that are amazing for dabbing your foundation (and problems) away. Or onto your face. / Via @sephoracollection

    Promising review: "SO NICE. I went in to buy the Beautyblender and the girl recommended this instead and I'm so glad, it's cheaper and basically the same thing." —alynn97

    Price: $5 (available in two colors)

    3. Makeup brush cleaner because I don't know the last time you cleaned your brushes and don't think I wanna know, but once you decide to get around to it, this will help with that.

    Promising review: "I use this cleaner on one brush specifically, my eyebrow brush. I use Anastasia dip brow and brow brush everyday, sometimes twice a day. Two sprays of this cleaner, and my brow brush is back to its original color, which apparently is not chocolate brown! Because I only need two squirts, there will be no need to repurchase this spray for some time. When I do run out in 2019, I will most likely purchase this spray again." —NaytheGreatest

    Price: $8.50

    4. Briogeo's leave-in conditioner spray — ideal for a quick replenish in curl definition., / Via @briogeo

    Promising review: "I have short, curly, dry hair and don't like to wash my hair more than once a week, so keeping my curls defined without washing my hair every day is a challenge. This product does exactly that — gives my curls definition between weekly shampoos! Plus, it smells wonderful like all the other Briogeo products I use." —nschelling

    Price: $9

    5. Briogeo's repair mask to protect hair from damage caused by over-processing, which is fitting for those highlights that you love so much., / Via @briogeo

    Promising review: "I recently dyed my naturally dark brown, wavy hair bright purple. The bleaching process was INTENSE, and while I love the color, I don't love the dryness and coarseness that came along with it. This product hasn't stripped the color at all! Using it for eight to 10 minutes twice a week has made my hair feel almost as soft as it was before I dyed it. I dig the natural ingredients, as well. This one's a winner." —am388

    Price: $9

    6. This foot mask — your feet have the potential to be soft as hell (the mask says so).

    Promising review: "Let me start off by saying I have spent most of my adult life barefoot or in sandals. The Texas heat is no joke, so my feet are super dry and cracked. Nothing has ever given me results like this. I l took the mask off and I am blown away. My feet feel like baby's feet – they're so soft." —bbbcst

    Price: $5 (available in two formulas).

    7. A moisturizing face mask because nothing is more important than your beautiful face. Treat it right. / Via @sephoracollection,

    Promising review: "I immediately noticed a difference after using this mask. I had been slacking on my face care routine a few days before using the mask, and it showed. I had two pimples that were starting to show. After using the mask, my pimples went down, and the next day they were gone. My face also looked illuminated and radiant." —rosegoldkissed

    Price: $6 (available in eight formulas).

    8. If you sweat from your head like I do, these peppermint oil blotting sheets will remove the shine without removing all the work you put into applying your makeup!

    Promising review: "First time buying blotting sheets from this brand, and I love it! I love that the 'dispenser' for the sheets has one ready for you to pull out at all times, which makes it really convenient! I love the message on the front and the colorful design. The scent is amazing! I've always loved minty smells, so this was a plus! As for oil control, this definitely took away excess oil on my skin without messing up my makeup. I'll definitely be stocking up on these! You get so much product for the price as well." —AlyRam4

    Price: $7 (available in three designs)

    9. Liquid matte lipstick — matte lips are so beautiful that they're almost a classic now. / Via @sephoracollection,

    Promising review: "It feels great on, not like a tight mask that other long-wearing lipsticks can feel like. Exceptionally long-wearing though, and feels great on. Not sure how they get it to stay on so long without it turning into a plastic coating, but they do, and I don't need to know much more. It stays on for HOURS, through drinking, eating, and everything else." —ESharp

    Price: $5 (available in 4 shades).

    10. An egg cream mask that's a cool introduction to the world of Korean beauty products. It minimizes the appearance of large pores with egg and vinegar extracts.

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this mask! If you have dry skin and need a boost of hydration, this is the perfect mask for you! It took me off guard when the ingredient list had vinegar extract, but it smells nothing like you would imagine. The scent is actually quite relaxing and soothing. This mask fit my face perfectly, whereas other sheet masks are usually too big. The mask was drenched with product, which in my opinion is absolutely amazing. After taking off this mask and massaging in the excess product, my face had a slightly tacky feel, which definitely helped the longevity of my foundation. It left my dry skin feeling absolutely amazing!" —MarG03

    Price: $6

    11. Sephora's creamy blush for creating the rosy cheeks you've been waiting for.

    Promising review: "Omg, words just cannot express. I am super pale so blush is something I need, but finding the right color is almost impossible. This product is amazingly perfect. I would marry it if I could. It isn't greasy, it blends super well, and it is the perfect color for my skin tone. I might order five just in case it goes out of stock." —Abi138

    Price: $5 (available in 4 shades).

    12. This azelaic acid suspension for banishing uneven texture and dullness.

    Promising review: "I have been using products from the Ordinary for a long time and this is one of my absolute staples in my nighttime skincare routine. I apply this product after all other treatments and before moisturizer, because it has a creamy, thicker texture that layers best on top of other treatments. I pat it in to prevent any pilling and let it sink in before applying my nighttime moisturizer. This product is amazing if you have super oily, acne-prone skin like me, as it works to reduce redness from blemishes, and helps to keep pores clearer as well. Highly recommend!" —xxchrysalisxx

    Price: $7.90

    13. This solid brush cleaner — one scrub will make all of your makeup brushes look like you just bought them yesterday!

    Promising review: "I'm so surprised by how clean my brushes were after using this! They're back to their original bright white color. The soap smells great and it instantly removes makeup and dirt." —mgbucao

    Price: $8

    14. Sephora Collection setting spray to keep your foundation from moving. Honestly, what is the point of investing time and energy into your look when it isn't going to stay in place?, / Via @sephoracollection

    Promising review: "I feel like I've tried it all. $40 setting sprays to the e.l.f. setting spray. This by far is my FAVORITE! I loved it so much I bought both big and mini size so I can always have it on me. Buy it!" —Becca209

    Price: $5+ (available in two sizes)

    15. This high-gloss mask will leave your hair looking shiny AF. Sometimes it just needs extra attention.

    Promising review: "I've never been one to spend the extra money and energy on deep conditioners and hair treatments apart from the normal shampoo and conditioner duo. But I used the sample size of this once and it completely changed my mind. This product is without a doubt worth the price, and it really does feel 'luxury.' I even got my mom and my brother hooked on this product and they both love it. My brother always tells me that people comment on how good his hair smells and how soft it is!" —makeupgirlll99

    Price: $9

    16. Verb dry shampoo that's super refreshing and gives life back to dull and (somewhat) dirty hair. Perfect for when you're on the go!

    Promising review: "I was really impressed with this! I normally use spray dry shampoos, but bought this for travel. It absorbed oil well and added great volume that spray dry shampoos have never given me. It doesn't have a strong smell, and is easy to apply." —kml830

    Price: $8

    17. Sephora collection lipsticks that'll paint a pretty picture — and more — with their adorable packaging.

    Promising review: "I purchased this lipstick for the color and the price point and I love everything about it! The color is very rich and the formula is nice! Think I might buy a few more to add to my collection." —NoelleMariiee

    Price: $8 (available in 35 colors)

    Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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