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    17 Of The Best Things Under $10 To Buy At Sephora

    When you wanna go to Sephora, but don't have Sephora money...

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This colorful gloss balm because matte lipstick is nice enough, but sometimes you just want a little shine.

    2. Makeup sponges that are amazing for dabbing your foundation (and problems) away. Or onto your face.

    3. Makeup brush cleaner because I don't know the last time you cleaned your brushes and don't think I wanna know, but once you decide to get around to it, this will help with that.

    4. Briogeo's leave-in conditioner spray — ideal for a quick replenish in curl definition.

    5. Briogeo's repair mask to protect hair from damage caused by over-processing, which is fitting for those highlights that you love so much.

    6. This foot mask — your feet have the potential to be soft as hell (the mask says so).

    7. A moisturizing face mask because nothing is more important than your beautiful face. Treat it right.

    8. If you sweat from your head like I do, these peppermint oil blotting sheets will remove the shine without removing all the work you put into applying your makeup!

    9. Liquid matte lipstick — matte lips are so beautiful that they're almost a classic now.

    10. An egg cream mask that's a cool introduction to the world of Korean beauty products. It minimizes the appearance of large pores with egg and vinegar extracts.

    11. Sephora's creamy blush for creating the rosy cheeks you've been waiting for.

    12. This azelaic acid suspension for banishing uneven texture and dullness.

    13. This solid brush cleaner — one scrub will make all of your makeup brushes look like you just bought them yesterday!

    14. Sephora Collection setting spray to keep your foundation from moving. Honestly, what is the point of investing time and energy into your look when it isn't going to stay in place?

    15. This high-gloss mask will leave your hair looking shiny AF. Sometimes it just needs extra attention.

    16. Verb dry shampoo that's super refreshing and gives life back to dull and (somewhat) dirty hair. Perfect for when you're on the go!

    17. Sephora collection lipsticks that'll paint a pretty picture — and more — with their adorable packaging.

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