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    33 Of The Best Things To Buy From The Urban Outfitters Memorial Day Sale

    Treat yourself to some BBQ and a good sale.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. Comfortable cut-off shorts that can be paired with pretty much anything.

    Price: $49 (plus 20% off, also available in colors indigo, yellow or coral, sizes 24-32)

    2. Plus some preppy-ass chino shorts to look dope in at the BBQ.

    Price: $39 (plus 30% off, also available in colors brown, black, and cream, sizes 28-38)

    3. This edgy af iridescent mesh tee.

    Price: $29 (Plus 20% off!). Available in purple, gray, or red, sizes XS-L.

    4. An out of this world NASA shirt.

    Price: $38 (plus 20% off, also available in colors black or orange, sizes S-XL)

    5. This tee.... because A Jagged Little Pill is an alternative masterpiece, you oughta know.

    Price: $44 (plus 20% off, sizes S-XL)

    6. This sporty cropped tank top that's perfect for loads of different outdoor activities.

    Price: $24 (plus 20% off, available in colors yellow, pink and multi, sizes XS-L)

    7. High-waisted, vintage-style shorts for a low-key blast to the past.

    Price: $49 (plus 20% of, also available in light blue, sizes 24-32)

    8. This oyster shell float because the ocean holds many secrets and this is definitely one of them.

    Price: $86 (plus 20% off)

    9. An elegant ruffle-sleeve top for when you want to feel delicate and put together.

    Price: $79 (plus 20% off, sizes S-L)

    10. A literal sea shell float for a relaxing lounge in the pool. Sounds splendid. Seems appropriate.

    Price: $48 (plus 20% off)

    11. A classic pair of Levi shorts to keep you cool and stylish this summer.

    Price: $69 (plus 20% off, sizes 25-32)

    12. This Selena T-shirt so you can celebrate the queen of Taino music anytime.

    Price: $39 (plus 20% off, sizes S-L)

    13. A lace halter bra that's super soft and comfy!

    Price: $20 (plus 30% off, also available in black, white, gray, burgundy, and other colors, sizes XS-XL)

    14. Printed shorts that are super '90s... thankfully that's totally trendy right now. Score.

    Price: $49 (plus 20% off, sizes S-L)

    15. A cold-shoulder top that is simultaneously casual and dressy. Duality!

    Price: $59 (plus 20% off, also available in sky blue or brown, sizes S-L)

    16. A super light, striped button-down shirt to keep you cool during hot weather.

    Price: $54 (plus 20% off, also available in colors peach or gray, sizes S-L)

    17. Overall shorts so you can prepare yourself (and everyone else) for your future Romphim debut.

    Price: $74 (plus 30% off, sizes XS-L)

    18. An oversized ringer T-shirt to complete your Pearl Jam and Nirvana-esqe grunge look.

    Price: $29 (plus 20% off, also available in green or yellow, sizes XS-L)

    19. Printed, drawstring board shorts—ideal for days at the beach.

    Price: $49 (plus 20% off, sizes XS-L)

    20. This. Wu-Tang Clan obviously isn't one to fuck with, and neither is this tee.

    Price: $28 (plus 20% off, sizes S-L)

    21. These sweetheart rings that'll be a splendid addition to your fingers. Show off some bling, boo!

    Price: $22 (plus 50% off, sizes S-L)

    22. A bright pink flamingo pool float. I just don't know what's more majestic and bold.

    Price: $56 (lus 20% off)

    23. Boxing shorts you don't have to be a boxer to enjoy ! These would be a pretty glorious addition to your closet.

    Show everyone that you're light as a butterfly and can sting like a bee.

    Price: $49 (plus 20% off, sizes XS-L)

    24. Some humongous hoop earrings (an outfit can't be complete without some)!

    Price: $18 (plus 50% off)

    25. Quirky Mickey Mouse Levi shorts for just the right amount of nostalgia.

    Price: $59 (plus 20% off, sizes XS-L)

    26. This reversible tune squad tank top so you can ball hard with Bugs Bunny. Welcome to the Space Jam.

    Price: $34 (plus 20% off, sizes S-XL)

    27. This shirt that's perfect for someone who loves to...consume illegal substances. We're not saying you're a stoner.

    Price: $48 (plus 20% off, sizes S-XL)

    28. A lattice choker necklace because it's trendy af! You honestly cannot go wrong.

    Price: $34 (plus 50% off)

    29. This layered necklace that gives you three chains in one so you won't have to deal with tangled jewelry. Convenient, if you ask me.

    Price: $20 (plus 50% of, also available in dark yellow)

    30. A super breathable and feminine ruffled off-the-shoulder top.

    Price: $49 (plus 20% off, also available in white or black, sizes XS-L)

    31. These denim shorts that are just superb for a skateboarding session or lounging on the couch. Your choice.

    Price: $54 (plus 20% off, sizes 29-36)

    32. Finally, to be honest, I don't know what was more iconic than the Dawson crying face, so it makes total sense to print it on a T-shirt.


    Price: $28 (Plus 20% off!). Sizes S-XL.

    You're gonna save so much money, I'm so happy for you!

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