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    16 Of The Best Setting Sprays And Powders You Can Get On Amazon

    You spend so much time on your makeup, why wouldn't you want it to stay in place?

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. Banana Dreams loose powder has a pale, yellow tone to subtly color correct redness on your face. It's also really great for baking.,

    Promising Review: "This setting powder has no flashback, is dependable, keeps my makeup matte all day, and my concealer from creasing. I wholeheartedly approve." –Liza

    Price: $7.79

    2. Airspun loose face powder spreads evenly on your face, and has a really great fragrance that won't irritate your skin.

    Promising Review: "I love this powder so much! It is so affordable and lasts so long. When I ran out of this the first time, I decided to try some high-end powders, and NONE of them worked as well as this. I use the powder to bake my under eyes, and it works like dream!" –Katie

    Price: $5.97

    3. This organic, cruelty-free setting spray hydrates and freshens your skin while keeping your face in place.,

    Promising Review: "Love, love, love! So I ordered this setting spray a while back but didn't get to use it until recently. I live in Jamaica and went to a funeral at eight in the morning, didn't reach home until around four in the afternoon, and my makeup still looked amazing. I have really oily skin and Jamaica is extremely hot, but somehow this spray beat the odds and works like magic!" –Most Loyal

    Price: $13.95

    4. This translucent powder has a subtle shimmer that's just amazing for highlighting.,

    Promising Review: "This powder is a staple and should be in your routine collection. I've been using concealer and then powdering the areas that need to be powdered, and letting the areas 'bake' a few minutes. After brushing off the excess, I glow! It's just a light, crisp, translucent powder that turns your skin into a dewy bliss." –SaltedCaramel

    Price: $11.95

    5. This setting spray will complete your all-natural, no-makeup, makeup look.,

    Promising Review: "This stuff works great, my makeup does not budge! I have taken naps, and woken up with my makeup looking like it has barely been touched. I use a matte foundation, but went with the dewy spray to make my makeup look more natural and it gave exactly the effect I wanted." –BuysTooMuch

    Price: $5.59

    6. E.l.f.'s high definition powder can give you a really soft and delicate look with its weightless formula.,

    Promising Review: "I absolutely love this loose yellow powder! It's so silky, fine-milled, and blends like a dream. I have medium to dark tan skin, so some yellow toned powders can look very ashy on me, but not this one. It sets my makeup so well, always looks fresh, and is very easy to blend. I also have acne-prone, oily skin and this has never broken me out." –Jan D.

    Price: $2.99

    7. Sacha Buttercup's setting powder is great for darker skin tones and won't make you look like a ghost whenever a camera flashes.,

    Promising Review: "When I tell you that I am obsessed with this, it is a severe understatement. I honestly don't know how I went without this setting powder. It's super easy to use – I apply it immediately after my concealer and bake it for about five minutes. I thought it would make me look super duper ashy, but man I was wrong. It's so good for women of color. I've had a hard time finding a compatible color and it was so worth the wait." –Tika

    Price: $19.99

    8. CoverGirl's finishing powder is super lightweight and won't clog your pores.,

    Promising Review: "I was very surprised when I opened the product and found the smell pleasant. It is very easy to apply and looks great when done. I have oily skin and it makes my skin tone great! It is very light on my skin, and almost feels like I have nothing on." –Alexandra

    Price: $4.89

    9. This finishing spray can help your makeup from settling into your pores and causing breakouts from product buildup.

    Promising Review: "This setting spray holds very well. I went swimming in the Bahamas with it and my makeup was still virtually flawless." –Re'Shea Garrison

    Price: $20.39

    10. This mineral powder is wonderful to set your eye makeup for a long-lasting finish.,

    Promising Review: "I really like using Asian beauty products because they are more gentle and natural on my skin. I've been using the Laura Mercier's translucent powder and it would crease and flake through the the day. But when I used this, it kept my face oil-free for 11 hours with no touchups and I'm a very oily person, I could literally fry some chicken on my face if I wanted to. It felt really nice on the skin, and a little powder goes a long way. Although it's small, you'll get a lot of use out of it!" –Rosa

    Price: $9

    11. A dip in the pool with a full face is totally possible with Mehron's water-resistant barrier spray.,

    Promising Review: "This product is awesome! I use it everyday to set my pressed powder mineral foundation. It keeps it intact all day, even with my extremely oily skin." –Steven

    Price: $14.34

    12. A setting powder to assist you in achieving the most sensational contour in the history of contours.

    Promising Review: "I am very impressed with this powder. It's non-talc, and high quality. It is finely milled, and goes on super silky smooth. My skin actually feels more comfortable after I have it on than without it. I wear it over Neutrogena's mineral powder foundation. This product sets the mineral powder so it doesn't crease or otherwise gather in pores or other 'deep spots.' The finish this powder provides is also very natural looking – it's a lovely and almost airbrushed looking matte finish that evens out skin tones. I only need to refresh it lightly once during the day, even with my oily skin. It's not easy to find stuff that works well for me, but this does, and makes my skin look great!" –ShoeCrazy

    Price: $15.95

    13. This setting spray dries quickly and won't leave your face sticky after it's applied.,

    Promising Review: "I've used this spray for the past few months and I absolutely love it. No matter how much makeup you wear, or how much you sweat, this will stay on throughout your day." –Yarrisa Black

    Price: $6.99

    14. Urban Decay's all nighter is the queen of setting sprays, and for good reason – it provides a cooling mist to prevent foundation from literally melting off your face... until you're ready for it to come off!,

    Promising Review: "You know when you wear foundation and use your cell phone, it gets on your phone? Well not with this stuff! I don't ever have to reapply my foundation when I use this and in the summer it's actually refreshing to spray on. It dries quickly and WORKS!" –Amazon Customer

    Price: $22.49

    15. NYX's matte setting spray has an incredible shine-free finish that you'll barely feel, which is definitely what you want from it in the first place.,

    Promising Review: "This was my first time using NYX's matte setting spray and it worked very well. I slathered a pound of makeup on my face before attending an outdoor sporting event. It just so happened to be very hot that day, and I was sitting in direct sunlight for at least three hours, while wearing a hat. Hats tend to produce sweat you know, but not on my face, girl. It looked as if I just applied my makeup! It was fresh, no oil, and very matte." –Jasmine

    Price: $5.59

    16. Mehron's ultra-fine setting powder can tell everyone to go home because it literally keeps stage makeup in place for hours! How do you beat that?,

    Promising Review: "This setting powder was exactly what I expected! I dust it on after I am finished with my makeup and it sets it so I don't have to worry about it running down my face if it's hot and humid outside, or if I'm sweating, which even happens in cold weather sometimes because I am an excessive sweater. It ain't pretty, folks. This really does help my makeup to stay where I put it. And there's so much in the container! It's gonna last for a long time, especially because I don't use it every day!" –Samantha Kelly

    Price: $9.49

    Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.