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    This Cheap Primer Will Make Your Eyeshadow Look The Best It Ever Has

    Thank Me Later Eyeshadow Primer has got your back!

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    Hay y'all! I'm here to introduce you to the magic of Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Primer. It has over 1,300 five star reviews and will make your eyeshadow vibrant AF!


    It's waterproof, crease-proof, and has a transparent base, which means all my people with darker skintones can get in on the action without looking ashy or washed out! I hear someone cheering in the background.

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    The best part though?! It's cruelty and paraben-free, and since it's so sensitive on your skin, you can use it for your whole face if you so choose.

    @elizabethmott / Via

    Check out these happy-ass customers who thought that Thank Me Later truly changed their makeup game:

    "This primer is by far the best I've tried. I have oily eyelids but love to do cat eye makeup, which can be a struggle to pull off without looking like a raccoon within a few hours. The product goes on smooth and my makeup lasts all day with minimal smudges if any at all! Best of all, it's cruelty-free!" β€”alyssa

    "This is a great primer. It's silicone based, but unlike some silicone based primers, it doesn't give you that greasy feel. With this, my Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation wears a good 10 hours. I usually just have to powder once, which is amazing to me." β€”B. Hansen

    "I have super oily skin, and this stuff is amazing! Usually, by lunchtime, I need to blot my face because it looks as if I dipped my skin in olive oil. With this primer, I have a bit of shine at the end of the workday, but nothing like what would happen otherwise. My makeup also goes on more easily and spreads like butter. Love this product!" β€”Stephanie Berry

    "I have very sensitive skin and this product does not cause breakouts. It really works too. I apply it in the morning before I leave for work at seven A.M. and my eye makeup still looks great at eight P.M. at night. I have worn it under both expensive eyeshadows and drug-store eyeshadows." β€”Teach2Learn

    This lovely lady said the primer made her whole FACE less oily.

    "I have extremely oily skin. I have never found a primer that worked for me. My heart continues to get broken. A few years back I started using milk of magnesia. Last year I learned that it damages your skin so I stopped and I've been on the hunt ever since. I have spent a pretty penny trying to find the perfect fit for me. After 12 hours my makeup is still in place. Do you understand what I just typed? It's still flawless. My nose is a little oily after the 10 hour mark, but my face looks amazing." β€”Latrice

    And this person's eyes look the same eight hours apart, which is so fucking awesome, y'all. It's practically magic!

    "I don't really know anything about make up but there was a wedding that I attended and I felt like it was only appropriate if I'd wear a little makeup. My problem was, my eyes are hooded and eyeshadow pigments always end up along my hidden crease creating a huge mess. My sister, who happens to be a makeup lover, told me that all I need is a good eye primer that would hold the pigments in place. I hesitated buying this because it's quite expensive β€” all my makeup comes from the drugstore (I don't want to invest in expensive brands because I'm not really into makeup) and I don't really know how to blend. The fact that the drugstore eyeshadow pigment stayed on my lids for eight hours with very slight fading means it is definitely five stars" β€”Rei

    If you still aren't sold, look at these fabulous reviews basically begging you to put Thank Me Later into your life:

    @elizabethmott / Via

    "I've tried several primers to attempt to make my eyeshadow last all day. I searched Amazon for some with great reviews at a reasonable price, which is what led me to purchase this item. I will only buy this from now on! 100% impressed. The first day I was impressed that I didn't need to touch up my eyeshadow after work but the second day was the true test. It was raining all day and I was running in and out all day for my job. Then it got hot and muggy out, which normally means disaster for my shadow. My eyeshadow still looked perfect (although my hair was destroyed) after 15 hours. I couldn't believe it! I will be trying the face primer next!" β€”Lisa

    "It really does work. I have very oily skin and eyelids (gross) and I've tried tons of eyeshadow primers, from Nyx to Urban Decay, and this one works great for me! My shadow does still cake a bit in the creases, but not nearly like it had with other primers. Very happy." β€”Katrina Pelow

    "This is by far the best eyeshadow primer I have EVER used. I have oily eyelids and have tried Tarte, Urban Decay, and MAC primers, among others, which have all been decent but I definitely have an eyeshadow crease by the end of the day. But not with this one! Even my cream eyeshadow stays in place all. day. long. I'll never use another primer!" β€”LFB123

    "I always have problems with my eyeshadow creasing, even when I've used other eye primers. This one kept my eyeshadow crease free all through my work day and even into the evening when I took my makeup off." β€”A. King

    I'm also IN LOVE with this woman's look. It's soooo freaking smooth and you know Thank Me Later truly did that! 24 whole hours without a touch-up?! WHAT??

    "This primer is amazing. I have extremely oily skin and alopecia, so both drawing on my eyebrows and keeping them on can be a challenge. Most primers basically get chunky looking and melt off my face, but not this one. I bought my first tube about two years ago. The tube lasted over a YEAR. That is freaking crazy. I do my makeup and use this primer daily, and it lasted a year. I bought my second bottle 'too early' and ended up not opening it for about four months. This bottle is slightly easier to spread, and works equally as well. It works wonderfully as an eyelid primer and as a brow primer. It makes my eyebrows go from lasting about two-three hours to lasting 24-28 hours without any shine and even noticeably fewer issues with accidental rubbing off. I joke that it’s magic in a bottle; but in all honesty, it’s not really a joke. The photo provided is after about 20-22 hours of wearing the primer (on both eyelids and brows). I would highly recommend giving this a shot. Especially if you have oily skin like mine!" β€”Kennedi Grace

    So if you'd like an eyeshadow primer that'll prep your lids (and the rest of your face!) for fabulousness, check out Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later primer on Amazon for $13.06!!

    Shout out to poppin' makeup, okurr!!


    Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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