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    17 Subscription Boxes Every Homebody Will Want To Sign Up For ASAP

    Sometimes all you wanna do is curl up on the couch, and these subscription boxes won't leave you totally bored.

    1. Cozy Reader Club, perfect for when you get home after a long day of work and just want to be immersed in a world of fiction to escape the stress.

    2. My Thrill Club, a box with a variety of crime and mystery books and films to get your blood pumping. Nothing like sitting on the couch in the dark and watching a scary movie.

    3. SketchBox, for everyone who wants to start a nice artistic hobby from their desks.

    4. Bathmatical, for a relaxing soak in the tub with soaps and bubbles that smell fucking amazing. Pampering yourself is super important.

    5. The Incense Box, a box with sage and other great-smelling items to achieve true tranquility in your space. Your home is your sanctuary, so there isn't any room for any kind of negative energies.

    6. The Revival Kit, to relieve the tension from the outside world with natural body products. Staying at home means that you can actually focus on yourself.

    7. Betty Boomerang, for anyone whose secret hobby is decorating their house like the set of Mad Men. It includes a ton of mid-century inspired items that you can look at while you're sitting on your couch, drinking rye.

    8. The Music Box, for a a ton of tunes that you can play out loud while you dance in your underwear, because no one is watching anyway.

    9. Cotton Cuts, for someone thinking of taking up sewing as a hobby. It brings you a variety of fabrics to make that cool skirt design you saw on a YouTube tutorial one time.

    10. Home Made Luxe, a box crafty people will love. Each one comes with everyday items to put together in order to transform your apartment into that home-decor Pintrest board you adore.

    11. Roost Crate, for anyone who wanted to go out to a farmer's market, but the call for bed was too strong to ignore. It'll bring a ton of artisanal items from local stands right to your door.

    12. Nostalgia Crate, for a broad range of retro toys from your childhood to make you cry tears of joy.

    13. Simple Loose Leaf Tea, because tea is the epitome of coziness. It'll take your simple joy to the next level with various blends from around the world to invigorate your taste buds.

    14. Fandom of the Month Club, for jewelry based on your favorite geeky movies and TV shows. A box of nerdy trinkets to keep you warm at night seems ideal.

    15. SnackFever, for a ton of cool food options and swag popular in Korea (if the good ol' Oreos just won't do). Who stays at home without munching on goodies?

    16. Peggy Jean's Pies, for a variety of tiny pies at your doorstep. It's not like you were leaving your front door, anyway.

    17. Match Made Coffee, for fresh artisanal coffee, as well as snacks that pair well with the roast. Fancy. A good cup of joe while watching Netflix is the perfect way to spend a day in.

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