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    25 Stylish Bags You Can Get For $30 Or Less

    Whoever says you have to spend a fortune on fashion is a liar, and these purses prove it.

    1. A polished-looking tote everyone will believe you got at some fancy-shmancy department store.

    2. A petite silver crossbody to get the holiday party started.

    3. A vintage-style crossbody with shiny brass hardware to make the color really POP.

    4. A four-piece handbag set to stunt on Instagram all day everyday like the baddie you are.

    5. A two-in-one clear tote, because minimalism is in right now and you've got to be on trend.

    6. An elegant purse with cute little tassels since you love having a bit of fun with everything you own.

    7. An Adidas crossbody you'll be able to drag along with you to any concert or festival — and also hold all of your essentials.

    8. An oversized tote that'll be perfect to pack to the rim with knick-knacks, your laptop, and other stuff you probably don't need, but have to have.

    9. A water-resistant tote, because you really don't have the time for your work laptop to get all damaged when the weather is determined to ruin your life.

    10. A kitten bag with multiple pockets that'll just be puuuuurrrrfect.

    11. A corduroy shoulder bag Carrie from Sex and the City would scoop up immediately (or make Big buy it for her).

    12. A simple shoulder bag with a delicate metal chain strap that'll have Chanel scrambling to keep up.

    13. A bucket bag for a bit of '70s boho chic that'll match with the bellbottoms you're absolutely planning on rocking.

    14. A logo tote to serve as a dupe for that Gucci or Coach bag you've been salivating for but honestly can't afford.

    15. A leather clutch with RFID-blocking material for when you need everything nice, compact, and ready to go.

    16. A posh purse ready to explore the streets of London with you (and everywhere else).

    17. A lightweight tote made with polyester-cotton, which means you can throw this baby on the floor, kick it around, beat it up a little, and it'll still be your number one. We love durability!

    18. A trendy clutch with stylish cutouts that'll make people around you ask where you obtained this beauty.

    19. A cotton tote bag designed with cute little flowers so you can transport yourself back to the '90s.

    20. A laptop tote capbable of holding like, 20 pounds of your shit, which means your computer will be safe, and so will your tablet, heavy wallet, and those flats you keep in there in case you gotta make a run for it.

    21. A shoulder bag with a alligator pattern that'll really and truly take a bite out of your heart, but not your budget.

    22. A transparent crossbody so you'll move quickly through security into your favorite concert in no time.

    23. A soft silver tote with a handy snap closure you can easily fold into your luggage when you're traveling OR just fill up and use as a handy carry-on. Your choice.

    24. A regally purple belt bag to add a spritz of color into your monochrome winter outfits.

    25. A structured tote with the ability to magically transform into a crossbody if you ever get tired of holding your arm at a 45-degree angle.

    Here's to stuffing your bags with anything and everything!

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