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    19 Sheets That Are So Much Better Than Whatever You Have On Your Bed Right Now

    If you have to change your dirty-ass sheets, why not replace them with something cool?

    1. Playful pineapple sheets to decorate your bed with a super sweet, tropical fruit of vacations past.

    2. Light and majestic whale sheets that will keep you cool during some steamy summer nights.

    3. Sickly-sweet cupcake sheets to show everyone just how much you adore baked goods. You even dream about them, don't you?

    4. Cheetah sheets that hopefully won't make your mind run when it's time to catch some good Z's.

    5. Old school-style embroidered sheets to make you seem fancier than you really are.

    6. Cool and collected shark sheets perfect to watch re-runs of Sharknado while avoiding all other responsibilities.

    7. Hypoallergenic sheets for everyone who has sensitive skin, because you guys need something to sleep on too, goddammit!

    8. Hipster arrow sheets your friends will probably make fun of you for, but you won't really care because they're uncultured swine.

    9. Classic floral sheets to look super pretty like the rest of your bedroom.

    10. Tan sheets made of Egyptian cotton that'll match the rest of the decor in your room.

    11. Some key sheets to unlock the true secret of actually going to bed when you're supposed to.

    12. Amazingly feminine paisley sheets that just happen to be millennial pink.

    13. Microfiber sheets strong enough to endure your doggo's nails scraping against your bed, but soft enough that you won't want to get out in the morning.

    14. Super chill sheets that will get you to lie down and relax as soon as your head hits the pillow.

    15. Stain-resistant sheets so you won't be afraid to eat on your bed anymore. What is a table? I don't know her (and neither do you).

    16. Silky soft linen sheets to keep you cool if you get really hot in the middle of the night and don't know why.

    17. 600-thread-count sheets that basically feel like you're sleeping on a fucking cloud they're so soft!

    18. A comfy linen sheet set that will definitely let you breathe just in case you run hot.

    19. And nautical anchor sheets to showcase how much you love the sea — so much so that you dream about it every night. How Hemingway of you.

    Same Homer, same.