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    22 Ridiculously Comfortable Pairs Of Boyfriend Jeans

    Sometimes your legs just need to BREATHE.

    1. Glamtastic low-rise jeans to totally hit the stage and rock out in like the superstars before you.

    2. Dependable black jeans because casual and stylish can definitely be one in the same.

    3. Retro jeans featuring a racerback stripe for when you're ready to enter Herbie into a NASCAR tournament.

    4. Low-rise jeans just begging to be paired with your best crop top.

    5. Cropped jeans with just a bit of a bellbottom because apparently the '70s are coming back with a vengeance.

    6. White cropped jeans for everyone who thinks Labor Day is just a date on a calendar and not an excuse to pass up a perfectly fine piece of clothing.

    7. Distressed jeans that can be worn with your favorite T-shirt on those days when you really don't feel like trying.

    8. Medium-wash jeans to pair with some of your highest heels for the drama of it all.

    9. High-rise jeans you can cuff at the ends to display your really fresh shell-toe sneaks.

    10. Roughed-up jeans perfect for the skater style you've been trying out lately.

    11. Frayed jeans to prove you're a fucking original, goddamnit!

    12. Corduroy jeans almost as cute as Paddington Bear himself.

    13. Quirky jeans with rings in them just to keep the fabric together. How punk of you.

    14. Classic blue jeans your mom will probably ask you to order so you guys can have matching pairs. How cute?

    15. Destroyed boyfriend jeans capable of accentuating your amazing thighs.

    16. Fishnet jeans with strategic rips to give off the right amount of "don't fuck with me" vibes.

    17. Casual olive jeans that can definitely double as reliable khaki pants.

    18. High-rise ankle jeans for everyone who has short legs and can't be bothered with cuffing the ends.

    19. Lightweight jeans to throw on when you're in the process of running errands but still wanna look fly.

    20. Levi's dark-wash jeans that'll never rip, fray, or betray you because they're the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time).

    21. Charcoal baggy jeans for channeling some iconic Aaliyah tomboy looks.

    22. Relaxed jeans that would look amazing while browsing your local farmers market.

    Go forth and master capoeira with the most comfy jeans on the planet!

    Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.