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19 Ridiculously Cute Kitchen Products You Need ASAP

Just because you can't cook doesn't mean you can't treat yourself to some cute-ass kitchen knickknacks!

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1. These super sweet kitty measuring bowls who can't wait to portion out ingredients for you.

3. A majestic unicorn sprinkle shaker for some sugary joy.


5. Delightful hen measuring cups for just the right amount of flour.

7. These cool cats who can't wait to hold your liquor... even if it's just temporarily.


9. A captivating kitty heat changing mug.

10. This pig-shaped pan that'll be the reason why your pancakes have never looked so damn pleasant.


14. Wiener dogs are willing to keep your oil and vinegar separate for you.

15. An inventive egg shaper. If I had eggs in the shape of an eager doggo, I'd eat breakfast everyday. It is the most important meal of the day, after all.


17. A piggy timer—especially important for *any* kind of cooking that you plan to do.

19. A cookie jar you'll never want to take your hand out. Why would you? Not when it's managed by the queen of adorable, Hello Kitty.