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    21 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

    Beautiful butterfly decal stickers, a makeup brush cleaner, and 19 other favorite products from our recent posts.


    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. This hair magnet to easily pick up all their hair from your couch, floors, and blankets for people who love their pets, but can't stand the shedding.

    Promising Review: "When I bought a Labrador puppy, I had no idea the amount of hair and slobber he would leave behind on the furniture. The vacuum wasn't enough, and spot cleaning with a wipe wasn't fully removing the slobber stains. This product is very helpful in doing both. It is a very helpful tool β€” anyone with animals should have one." –Courtney Betcher

    Price: $7.59

    2. A banging romper dress that'll cut down on miserable thigh chafe! Duality!

    Promising Review: "I am so delighted with this dress for so many different reasons. I love the feel of the materials and the way it moves upon my body as I walk and move around. The colors are so bright and beautiful. I have received so many compliments from my husband and neighbors about this dress." –MerJoy

    Price: $22.66

    3. A hypoallergenic comforter for all the sleepy heads with sensitive skin.

    Promising Review: "Along with a new duvet cover, my partner and I bought this about a week ago. So far, it's been way better than I expected it to be; it is very soft and fluffy! It came to us vacuum-sealed about a quarter of the size it expands out to and I'll admit, I was a little dubious of it at first. However, it expanded quite a bit once we got it out of the package. It's a little bit on the warm side, but I don't see that as a bad thing since our apartment gets pretty cold. So far it hasn't been *too* warm. All in all, I'm really pleased with my purchase." –J.L.

    Price: $32.99

    4. Microfiber cloths that are great for giving your car (or anything, really) a squeaky shine!

    Promising Review: "I ordered one set of these rags and was amazed at how well they worked. No more old t-shirts or cotton terry cloths for me! These rags leave NO lint and, in my opinion, are just the right size. I use them to detail my vehicles (wiping off wax, cleaning windows, wiping down the inside, etc.). I am no professional at cleaning my cars, but I don't want to risk scratching the paint with other cotton products. I ended up purchasing another set of these cloths due to me using a new one for each detail item I perform." –Mattus

    Price: $14.95

    5. A cleaning mat for your makeup brushes that's so easy, you won't have any excuse not to clean them anymore.

    Promising Review: "My daughter and I like this product a lot. I never used a cleaning mat for my makeup brushes before β€” I had just used good ol' swishing in soapy water. Now that my daughter has started wearing makeup, she asked for a mat for cleaning her brushes. I can't believe what a difference it makes! These mats stick to the sink or counter top so they don't slide around. The individual sections are labeled for the job they are supposed to accomplish. After using these mats I was impressed by how well they cleaned my brushes." –Amazon Customer

    Price: $10.90

    6. A lipstick that actually moisturizes your lips (rare, but totally possible).

    Promising Review: "This stuff is incredible. Comes in a beautiful tube, the flower is gorgeous, and it blows my mind how the color works, but it's amazing. It smells nice, it's hydrating, and I seriously need to buy a few more before it goes away. Love!!!" –stephanie

    Price: $3.47

    7. A toilet bowl ring remover because your bathroom is literally a cesspool of germs and the toilet has most of them.

    Promising Review: "I tried so many other toilet scrubbers and none of them fully removed the dreaded toilet ring of death. I tried the wands, liquids, spray foam, and the sticky things you leave in the bowl, but none of them worked. This on the other hand works great, is easy to use, and lasts quite a long time. I've already used it 4 times and there's still over 75 percent of the stone left. As you scrub, it will actually mold its shape to get into tight spots too. As a bonus it even removed an ancient cigarette stain on the sink! Good stuff." –Dr. SnagglePuss

    Price: $9.26

    8. A seam ripper that'll come in handy when you have some pants that are sewn shut and you want to make them usable (or if you just have a sewing hobby).

    Promising Review: "I had been given a nice golf hat that had a big embroidered logo that I wanted to remove. I bought the Dritz seam ripper just for that purpose, and it made fairly easy work of removing the embroidery. I know that's not the customary use for a seam ripper, but if it could remove some heavy embroidery in a few minutes, it can certainly remove cloth stitches easily enough." –J. Chambers

    Price: $3.99

    9. A book to help you focus your energy and creativity on things that are actually important.

    Promising Review: "Bought it as a gift for my boyfriend who has anxiety. He says it helps keep his mind off of a lot of things, and he likes that it's interactive as well." –Amazon Customer

    Price: $11.20

    10. A mint julep face mask for soothing and refreshing your skin if you're suffering from large pores and/or acne.,

    Promising Review: "I love my Mint Julep Masque. The pores on my face were starting to look quite big before I started using this. It has a very nice minty clean smell. It feels a little cool, when you first put it on, and dries fast. It really did make a difference in my pores, even after the first use. This is a great masque at a great price." –Tristen Jones

    Price: $9.90

    11. These butterfly decals that'll be a welcome addition to any bedroom in need of a little accentuation.

    Promising Review: "This is the second set of these I have ordered β€” very classy and pretty looking that fit in a variety of design styles. I ordered the mirror design, but these also come in four other colors. Exceptionally well priced and stick fairly well. –BlueAZ

    Price: $1.35

    12. Matcha green tea Kit Kat bars for putting some spice in your chocolate game.

    Promising Review: "These are one of my favorite flavors of Kit Kat. They taste fresher than most of the regular ones you can buy anywhere. I will definitely buy a lot of these!" –Jenny With The Bangs

    Price: $4.77

    13. A vegetable noodle slicer that will make any zucchini pasta (zoodle) meal so much easier to cook.,

    Promising Review: "I did not know what to expect, but I was really impressed with the outcome, and found that I prefer the larger spirals compared to the smaller ones. It was easy to use, and created long, clean cut spirals. I did a mix of the large and small spirals, mushrooms, one bell pepper, and carrots. I seasoned it with a little olive oil, black pepper, and garlic. It was quick and easy, satisfying, and everyone raved about lunch, insisting that I make more spiralized meals for everyone to enjoy. My niece has food allergies that can make her difficult to cook for, but she loves when I create dishes with fruits and vegetables, so I know she will enjoy getting a plateful of spiralized veggies. I am thrilled to have this high quality product as a part of my kitchen tools, and it will be used throughout the week for lunches and dinners. It definitely sparked my creativity when it comes to cooking. –Coleen Antoinette

    Price: $14.84

    14. This mildew-proof shower curtain that's a godsend to people who don't change them that often.

    I'm not judging...much.

    Promising Review: "I couldn't be happier with this, It's thick enough to where it doesn't blow around with the air currents, but it's thin enough to where it doesn't need a lot of coaxing to go right into place. It has held up well and has been fairly mold resistant for the initial two months of use. We clean our shower regularly and try to touch this up when we do with a magic eraser to keep soap scum to a minimum. It's amazingly clear, and surprisingly it didn't really have that strong of a plastic smell upon initial installation, which was a pleasant surprise. In all, it works just like it's supposed to and has had a few nice surprises along the way." –AWP99

    Price: $11.04

    15. A ceramic hair dryer because one of these days you'll need to wash your hair and subsequently dry it.

    Promising Review: "The Wazor Ionic Ceramic Mini Blow Dryer was perfect for my travel needs. Small and lightweight, yet powerful enough to get the job done. I'm very pleased with this blow dryer on the two trips I have taken and used it." –maxine gordon

    Price: $14.99

    16. A floral maxi dress that's as cute as it is comfortable.

    Promising Review: "I am OBSESSED with this dress! I feel like a princess in it and am so happy with the fit, style, and quality. This was everything I hoped it would be." –Amazon Customer

    Price: $24.99+

    17. And these ankle strap sandals with a cute heel to match.

    Promising Review: " I absolutely love these, I have two pairs and I wear them all the time! They are super comfy and cute, you can pair them up with pretty much anything! You can go simple or dressy. I'm so glad I got these, I always get compliments, and the heel is just perfect. They aren't chunky or too tall so it makes the shoe comfortable." –Amazon Customer

    Price: $28.07

    18. An acne remover kit for anyone who's obsessed with the pimple popper videos (it'll help get those stubborn blackheads).

    Promising Review: "So handy! The case the tools come in is nice. I have seen videos where girls do skin treatments at home and have these. I have been looking at getting these for quite some time, as I always get annoying little blackheads in a couple areas and want to try minimizing them, because to me they look so noticeable. I used this right away when I got it. The different sizes and options are so awesome!" –Jill Telech

    Price: $9.99

    19. A soft plastic broom to get suds off of your car and pick up stray pet hair. Dynamic.

    Promising Review: "This thing just plain works. We got a mature golden retriever last year and were told he didn't shed, and then in the spring he started shedding badly. We were tired of hair everywhere, and somehow I found this product on a whim one day! I found that using short quick strokes with the rake turned upside down got the best results. The backside is more like a squeegee and helps pull the hair up in long rolls and keeps the hair in one big pile." –Nick V.

    Price: $14.59

    20. A fidget cube for anyone with anxiety or who just wants to expend extra energy throughout the day.

    Jeff Barron

    It'll direct your energy on buttons and things that flip!

    Price: $6.99

    21. Sunglasses that'll make you look cool as a cat (and they actually have UV protection!).,

    Promising Review: "These are so cute and look just like the picture! I love them and they came quickly! –Korenana

    Price: $10.99

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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