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    18 Phone-Saving Cases That Are Basically Unbreakable

    An immovable object collided with an unstoppable force called gravity and lived to tell the story (the immovable object = these phone cases, of course).

    1. A cool transparent case with adequate shock absorption and bumpers on the sides for added security and stability.

    2. A dual-layer case that has nifty ridges to prevent accidental slippage, especially if you're in a rush or working out.

    3. An ultra thin full body case with a tempered glass screen to keep the front of your phone from getting the crack of death.

    4. A three-layer protective case that comes with a simple belt clip so you'll always keep your baby nearby (not that you didn't already).

    5. A boho-style case to fit nice and snug on your phone. Sort of like a glove, but it has reinforced protection on the sides for more durability.

    6. A pink, touch-sensitive case that includes impact-resistant technology to survive a couple of jostles.

    7. A resilient carbon fiber case with air cushion technology to guide your phone into safe territory when dropped.

    8. A marble-patterned case that probably has the same amount of strength it was modeled after.

    9. A sleek, matte case with a three-piece structure to assure a super firm hold on the one thing you hold dear.

    10. A zen and peaceful giraffe to decorate the back of your Galaxy S7.

    11. A clear case made out of scratch-resistant acrylic to keep your phone looking pretty even if your cat decides to use it as a personal scratching post.

    12. A battery case to keep your phone from losing its juice; it is also very effective at preserving your phone from freak accidents.

    13. A colorful, abstract case that has a cushy insole and an included tempered-glass screen protecter for extra sturdiness.

    14. A simple white case designed with a special microfiber cushion to shield your phone from all the elements — even fire.

    15. A pretty, floral shock-proof case because you absolutely can be dainty and durable at the same damn time.

    16. A super rugged, dust-proof iPhone case that comes with a built-in screen protecter for extra piece of mind.

    17. A nautical case absolutely ready for the open seas AND the vast concrete.

    18. A wallet case that folds over for complete protection for your phone; it even has slits for your cards, cash, and ID for those fuss-free days.

    Now your phone can take a beating!

    Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.