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28 Pairs Of Earrings Under $10 You'll Want To Buy Right Now

An earful of bling-bling on a budget!

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1. A pair of eternity studs to look shiny and sparkly as all hell in your ears.

Promising Review: "These earrings are absolutely beautiful! They were exactly what I was looking to wear at an upcoming wedding. They're well made and simply stunning." –IcyBlueMarie

Get them from Amazon for $8.29.

2. A set of round, opal earrings to add a bit of vintage-like flair to your outfit.

Promising Review: "Very nice; has a long post which makes it easy to put on. Colors are great and match with several shades of color in clothing." –Valerie

Get them from Amazon for $9.99.


5. A pair of Wonder Woman studs to showcase your inner superhero strength.,

Promising Review: "Bought these as a gift for my niece who is a fitness trainer and works like there is no tomorrow; she is a Wonder Woman if ever there was one. She loved them and put them on immediately, and they are now part of her workout wardrobe." –Goddess #2

Get them from Amazon for $5.77.

6. Galaxy earrings, because the eclipse shouldn't be the only time when you appreciate the stars.,

Promising Review: "These are just too cute! I have sensitive ears, and the stainless steel posts have not given me any problems." –Lola Lu

Get them from Amazon for $9.99.


9. Fancy AF tassel drop earrings great for sparking a conversation while mingling at parties when everyone's a little tipsy.

Promising Review: "These earrings are so beautiful and elegant; the size is perfect, and the length is just right. They are very well made, and the material is very good. Love them." –Maria

Get them from Amazon for $8.99. Also available in red, black, teal, and other colors.


13. Trendy, pineapple earrings that just might be able to live under the sea. It's debatable.

Promising Review: "These are the cutest earrings and just the right size. Perfect for summer!" –Laura C.

Get them from Amazon for $8.95.

14. Gold spiral earrings to make everyone who looks at them a little dizzy but you won't care because you're cute as hell.


15. Delicate triangle earrings that will be the star of the show in your earlobe or when paired with your other piercings!

Promising Review: "These are exactly what I wanted and more. They feel heavy and strong like they're not going to bend or break easily. They're a perfect rose gold color, and they're super shiny too." –Ren Shore

Get them from Amazon for $9.20.

16. Ice cream cone earrings that'll oh so subtly proclaim your love for the totally orgasmic, super sweet snack.


23. A set of moon and star earrings Daenerys Targaryn and Khal Drogo would honestly adore.

I know it's "my sun and stars" but honestly? Close enough.

Promising Review: "I'm IN LOVE with these earrings. They're super cute and I love how the star hoops are three-dimensional." –Kaylee

Get them from American Eagle for $6.47. (for a pack of three)

25. Geometric hoop earrings with a dose of engraved flair for your really hip street style.


Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.