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    Banish Dry Winter Skin Once And For All With This Cult-Fave Moisturizer

    The secret to great skin is a great moisturizer.

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    Hello beautiful people! Unfortunately, winter has arrived and while we appreciate the hot chocolate, ice skating, and general activities to be done in cold weather, what we do hate is a dry face.


    And that's where Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream ($22.49 on Amazon) comes into play β€” it's a thick moisturizer that just might be the answer to all your dry skin problems.


    Plus it's under $25, which means it's a steal!

    Formulated with collagen and amino-peptides, this lotion will penetrate deep into the skin's surface to improve its texture and elasticity. Plus, Olay Regenerist is compatible with oily, combination, and normal skin, which means everyone can get in on the action.


    It's also perfect for those who are older, and want a bit of a skin plumping boost to their regular routines if they so choose. Skincare isn't just for the young folk, okurr?!

    This lovely lady suffered from rosacea and said applying Olay Regenerist twice a day relieved the red marks on her face and overall made her face as soft as a baby's bottom. Sounds awesome:

    Promising review: "I was exceedingly skeptical about purchasing a face product not made organically. I use only edible-grade oils as everything else makes my rosacea go out-of-control. I'm in my mid-thirties now, it's cold, and my oils were not cutting it. This is my fourth product, and the Regenerist system is wonderful. I use oil to remove my makeup, the cream cleanser to deep clean, then the serum and the cream. The latter I use in the morning and evening. My skin is silky and moisturized, and my fine lines have disappeared. The most exciting (and unanticipated) is that my rosacea has improved after one week's use, the redness and sensitivity are nearly gone, which is a miracle during the winter months. It is much pricier than making all my own stuff but well worth it for the fantastic results. The difference in redness on my face and the texture of my skin is pretty cool, I am a for-life user!" β€”Amanda

    Check out these testimonials about how Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream kept their faces hydrated to the nines without being overly oily:


    "Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging moisturizing cream is just what the title implies. I find that it absorbs into my skin and I feel hydrated, but not oily. The feeling lasts all day and if I don't add any other cream such as a night cream, it's okay. The price is lower than the higher-end department store face creams, and I'm satisfied with that. It is worth the price." β€”doka

    "I've tried numerous moisturizers ranging from inexpensive to very expensive and never thought I would find one that actually did what it said it does. From the very first time I used it, I could tell it was different than most moisturizers. It went on smoothly and left my face feeling soft the entire day. After about a week I could notice a big difference in the look of my skin. It was more supple and the fine lines were disappearing; my skin felt like velvet and I even had people wonder if I had work done. Little did they know it was an inexpensive moisturizer that I bought on Amazon. I highly recommend this product to all those ladies out there who have been searching for something that actually works!" β€”KymmLisa

    One person said the moisturizer helped with sunspots and general sunburn. Since Olay Regenerist contains hyaluronic acid and other amino-peptide complexes, it was able to soothe her face after prolonged sun exposure:

    Promising review: "This is the result after using it only two times. My skin is sun damaged from doing a lot of work outdoors in Alabama; we just bought a house and had to build a barn for our horses in the worst possible time of the year in a state that gets extremely hot in summer. I'm amazed at how quickly the Regenerist went to work. It looks spotty now, but that's because other areas of my face have even more damage from the sun exposure and will take a little longer to recover. I really was about to give up on any facial lotions as I've never really seen any results that justified the price. This product is worth it and actually gets right to work to repair your skin as you can see. The lighter areas were just as dark two days ago." β€”caramelcream

    I mean Olay Regenerist has over 2,500 reviews with a 4.2-star average rating!!!! These reviewers seem to think so:


    "A small amount goes a long way. It's lightly scented but smells good, keeps your skin hydrated but doesn't feel oily. The value of this versus the price can't be beaten. I'm sensitive, have fair skin and picky about the products I use and my skincare regimen." β€”Chelsea

    "I been using this product for almost two years and I can't be happier. It keeps my face fresh and glowing. After a few months, I saw some improvements on the sunspots I started to notice on my face. I love the outdoors and use sunscreen as much as possible during the day. It's a great balance between value and quality." β€”MrsHolly

    "I love this product. I can see a significant difference after one use in my lines on my face. I've even started using it on a part of my hip that has a few light stretch marks and they have basically disappeared. I highly recommend!" β€”Alexandra Lamping

    This gorgeous human just HAD to share a dope selfie and comment on just how amazing her skin has been since using Olay. She's absolutely right, moisturizing IS the secret to beautiful skin!

    Promising review: "This is my all-time must-have, I can't rave more about this, it's heaven-sent for me. I've always had very healthy skin and then my allergies came out from nowhere and hit my right cheek. I was devastated, but when I tried using this product which my mom always uses (she's 57, and still has young-looking skin) says this can be a great help, and wow she was right! This is a must-try product, in the first week of trying it you can see the results already. I'm confident because I have clear skin thanks to Olay Regenerist; moisturizing is the secret to beautiful skin. And I quit smoking also, haha" β€”Nina Francia Guerra

    And if I STILL haven't convinced you, take a gander at these happy costumers who have older skin, oily skin, or just wanted a moisturizer to do it's only freaking job β€” drench your skin with hydration! It also won't irritate sensitive skin! Win!

    "I don't know how it works but it does. My face looks younger and feels softer after the one time. I also use it on my neck and upper chest. The product has a clean smell, but you can purchase unscented too. I'll be using this for a long time." β€”DB

    "I love this cream! It is thick, rubs in well with no leftover stickiness, and has a very pleasant smell. It leaves my skin smooth and soft and, so far, I have no wrinkles. I have received many compliments about the softness and smoothness of my facial skin and people are amazed when they find out my age. I highly recommend to all!" β€”Kindle Customer

    "After the first time I tried this, I purchased another jar. I know this will be a staple in my beauty routine. It is hard for me to find a moisturizer that moisturizes and doesn't cause skin irritation. This does the trick. I absolutely love it." β€”Lori Gresh

    "I recently turned 30, so I didn't think I needed a wrinkle repair cream yet, but wanted to start taking better care of my skin now as a preventative measure. I was pleasantly surprised that even though I wasn't expecting any noticeable results, I just wanted a moisturizer. My skin has become brighter, smoother, and 'younger' looking after just a few weeks of use. I didn't notice that my skin had already started showing signs of aging until I started using this cream and saw how much better my skin started looking! It is visibly brighter and smoother and I have my 'youthful' glow back!" β€”Jennifer Shea

    So if you need a moisturizer that'll PENETRATE your skin's layers to give you some much-needed hydration, give Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream a try! Get it from Amazon for $21.79.

    Go and get your skincare on, boo!

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    Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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