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    25 Gorgeous Nail Polishes People Actually Swear By

    Nail polish is just makeup for your nails and if you were wondering which ones won't chip after two hours, look no further.

    1. A cruelty-free pink holographic polish—perfect for your giant heart and conscience.

    2. A light confetti polish for everyone who just loves being festive.

    3. A vegan nail polish that looks great AND can fight off toe fungus. The duality!

    4. Elusive, multichrome polish to go with that cryptic life you're living. Is it blue or purple? No one knows for sure.

    5. A simple and pleasant pink polish your nails will look pretty in.

    6. Bomb chrome nail polish that can switch from green, to gray, to purple. Multiplicity of identity!

    7. A pack of polish. Getting bored of the color on your nails is a thing of the past! Versatility!

    8. Purple matte polish to give you dramatic, vamp-like nails that would make Elvira nod her head in approval.

    9. O.P.I. Nail Lacquer—it's super reliable and long-lasting, which is everything your nails would want if they could talk.

    10. Mail polish that can literally glow in the dark. I don't know what's cooler. I wouldn't compete in a game of laser tag with this on, though.

    11. A satin polish that is almost as dark as your soul. Charcoal is close enough.

    12. Rainbow polish. Easter eggs have never looked as cute as your nails will with this on, trust me.

    13. A minty fresh polish that has a soft-focus formula for a stimulating burst of color for your nails.

    14. Some high-end Dior polish with vibrant color to show everyone that you're fancy af.

    15. A pack of metallic polish—every sleepover isn't complete without a proper manicure session, and this has more than enough for everyone to mix and match.

    16. This goldenrod dahlia polish, if you need a little brightness in your life. It can give your fingers some warmth that only the color of the sun can provide -- with a shimmer finish for extra shine.

    17. A bright red nail polish to set off your edgy look. It even comes in a miniature whiskey bottle. Cute.

    18. Plum polish with a shimmer finish that won't make your finger tips look pruney af, I promise.

    19. Marc Jacobs' nail polish—it's extremely shiny, chip resistant, and should last you for weeks even if you and polish just don't get along.

    20. Sparkly, holographic nail polish that has adorable red hearts to spread some love.

    21. Classic purple polish that Queen Elizabeth would wear because it's the color of royalty. Get it?

    22. Bold red polish because red will always be a classic, no matter what your mother says, especially if they're metallic and matte. The best of both worlds!

    23. Sally Hansen's salon manicure polish complete with a contoured brush to get the corners of your nail bed covered in super-pigmented color.

    24. This pretty metallic pink polish to give your nails enough room to breathe and grow with a five-free formula to add a little bit of shine in the light of day.

    25. And paint splatter nail polish with so many different colors that it's just as original as you are.

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