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    25 Gifts Your Computer Probably Wants This Year

    "Beep beep boop" means "I love you" in binary code.

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    1. A handy laptop cooler with five different fans and an adjustable tilt function to keep your laptop a nice and effective temperature while you're getting the last of your project done. She's tired of overheating while you're using her!

    2. A headphone stand for your most important computer accessory, because your iMac would love its companion to be shown a little love as well.

    3. A subscription to Norton Computer Security (for up to FIVE devices!!!) so it won't be affected by those nasty viruses going around, making your laptop as slow as a snail.

    4. A silicone case for your MacBook charger to prevent scratches and scrapes while it's on the floor, because you CARE about your electronics!

    5. A trackpad cover so your laptop won't get gross scratches all over it since it allows you to scroll Twitter in the first place.

    6. A portable hard drive, because you know your laptop is running slow since you have exhausted all the built-in memory and frankly? It's time.

    7. A bamboo monitor stand and organizer since your computer needs a boost in desk height. It's your number one and day one gadget.

    8. A bamboo charging station with a USB strip so that iPad Pro never has to suffer from a dead battery ever again.

    9. A clear keyboard cover that'll act as a barrier between all of your liquids and various food items and your laptop's motherboard.

    10. A mini Bluetooth speaker to blast your laptop's favorite tunes throughout the house. He loves an audio helper.

    11. A Blue Snowball microphone so your desktop and you can record the best podcast of all time without the nasty background noises of yesteryear.

    12. A simple lightweight laptop case for protecting your lifeline to the world from gross scratches and dents, because you KNOW you're super clumsy.

    13. A fashionable desk to properly house your thousand dollar investment because she honestly deserves better than an unstable nightstand to be thrown upon when you're done with her.

    14. A lap desk for your Chromebook, because the bed is probably your computer's favorite place to be.

    15. A selfie light ring, because your computer would really love you to have the best illumination while you're hosting your latest YouTube tutorial.

    16. An anti-theft laptop backpack with hidden zippers so your computer won't get randomly abducted while you're on the go. It doesn't know what it would do without you!

    17. A padded, waterproof and shockproof case so your computer won't break in two if you (unfortunately) drop the thing right on the concrete.

    18. A trendy laptop backpack that'll be able to fit your 13-inch easily with a lined interior to keep it from slipping, sliding, and bumping against the other stuff in there while you're walking to class.

    19. A swiveling laptop riser so your computer can have the podium it deserves and you can use it without getting a neckache.

    20. A bamboo laptop nightstand, because it's tired of you rolling around on it, smothering it and blocking the fresh air needed to fake breathe.

    21. An adorable corgi mousepad so your mouse can glide from website to website easily. Plus I heard it said you haven't washed the old one in months.

    22. A spaceman LED light so your laptop or desktop can feel like it's in outer space, plus you'll have sufficient light to study for your finals.

    23. A bamboo laptop desk with cutouts so you can add an added computer fan so it doesn't get overheated while you and your boo are surfing the web.

    24. A colorful USB-wired keyboard, because your desktop needs to add a bit of flavor to her conventional looks.

    25. A super duper dope Midi keyboard because your iMac wants to be able to produce the hottest mixtape of 2020, and it can't do it without the proper materials.

    Here's to you and your computer being together forever!

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