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    All My Skincare Babes Rejoice, Because Foreo Products Are Up To 30% Off!

    So you can have great skincare all year long!

    Hello beautiful humans, do you like skincare products? Do you want better skin? Well, have I got great news for you! Foreo has a Valentine's Day sale, and some cool products are up to 30% off!!

    And if you're wondering what exactly are FOREO products in the first place, well, I'm gonna explain it to you! First off, all the products, are 100% waterproof and are made of silicone — which means no scratchy bristles and no weird mold months down the line!

    They're also powered by ~T-Sonic pulses~ (hello, vibrations!), which help clean below the surface of your skin, gently exfoliating and clearing pores *before* clogs turn into breakouts.

    So let's get to the 30% off!

    First is the LUNA 2, which leaves your skin feeling super clean, soft and rid of dead skin, and totally refreshed in just 60 SECONDS! The brush areas on both sides are also considerably bigger than the original Luna, and there are 12 different speeds compared to Luna's eight.

    The LUNA mini 2 more specifically beeps throughout the 60-second cleaning process letting you know when it's time to move to a different part of your face — one cheek, chin, second cheek, nose, and forehead. There's a Barney song somewhere in here if you truly LOOK.

    LUNA Go is perfect for taking with you abroad, and it can take off 99.5% of the dirt that'll plague your skin and mess up your vacation pics.

    The IRIS is a uniquely designed eye massager with an alternating T-Sonic technology that'll help reduce the signs of dark circles, bags, and fine lines by moving in a figure eight on your face.

    The Espada laser targets and pulses all of your blemishes out of exsistence with a super-focused LED light and smooth vibrations to attack acne-causing bacteria so you can get back to your regularly scheduled Instagram selfies.

    Lastly is the Issa 2, a dope electric toothbrush with durable and super-soft silicone bristles that'll sonically pulse to clean all the gross plaque and gunk from last night's dinner off your teeth.

    Shout out to skincare and love!

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