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    17 Comfy Chairs That Are Just Begging To Be Napped In

    Sometimes a nap is just calling your name, and what better way to fall asleep than on a comfy-ass chair?

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. An oversized love seat you and your boo can absolutely spoon on with room to spare (just in case one of you gets overheated).

    2. A mid-century modern wooden arm chair to drink your whiskey neat and watch re-runs of Mad Men in. Time to get your Don Draper on.

    3. A rocking chair and ottoman for some good ol' self soothing and great Z's.

    4. A cozy and super soft velvet lounge chair to take a load off after a super long day of bullshit.

    5. A classic wingback club chair your grandpa would absolutely love to doze off in...and so would you for that matter.

    6. A fancy Paris accent chair that's great for slouching and putting your head back while you snore to high-heaven. It's ok, we've all been there.

    7. A herringbone chair with enough cushion to keep your back from hating you hours after waking up in a curled position.

    8. A cushy-ass armchair ideal for placing your legs over while you catch up on the sleep you didn't get during the week.

    9. A super modern pebble lounger that'll massage your lower back while you sit for ultimate pleasure.

    10. A casual accent chair to place in your bedroom when you don't want to stay in bed all day, but still wanna feel ~at ease~.

    11. A gliding recliner chair that is honestly prepared for you to kick your feet up and take the most epic nap of your life.... over and over again.

    12. A contemporary club chair with the softest cushions ever so your butt won't fall asleep when you do.

    13. A curved chaise lounge for when you want to take dramatic AF naps straight out of the movies.

    14. A floor chair you can play tons of video games on. And when you get sleepy, it reclines into an actual bed. Duality.

    15. A leather lounge chair similar to bean bags of childhoods-past. Perfect for curling up with your blanket in front of the TV. You know you wanna.

    16. A chaise that can be converted into a bed, which is absolutely nifty for any guests who are coming into town.

    17. And a super expensive danforth arm chair with cut-out sections your legs can fit into, the right amount of lean, and a super sleek design. Lets all cry about how this chair is perfect nap material, ok?

    So fucking comfortable!

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