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    18 Of The Best Wireless Headphones You Can Get On Amazon

    Headphones with cords are so yesterday. Check out the best of the best to keep you ~untethered~.

    1. Mpow Bluetooth headphones are totally water-resistant, which means you can sweat all you want during your workout and the sound will still be crystal clear.

    2. Tozo Wireless Stereo Earbuds perfectly balance your treble and bass for a magical musical experience.

    3. Elzu Bluetooth Headphones are waterproof, so you can actually get your workout in while it's raining cats and dogs without replacing them right after.

    4. Plumsott Running Headphones have a lightweight, flexible design to hook around your ear, because having your pace ruined from a fallen earbud sounds like a drag.

    5. Treb Lab Bluetooth Headphones are designed with expandable ear tips to block out all of that annoying outside noise, because you really don't want to miss that Beyoncé live stream, do you?

    6. Sennheiser Wireless Headphones can connect to any smart TV, so you can listen to your latest Netflix binge on vacation while bae is doing some last minute fixes on their assignment.

    7. Riwbox Bluetooth Headphones have memory cushions that'll keep your ears nice and comfortable after hours of wear, plus a wired option just in case you forgot to give them a charge.

    8. Mpow Jaws Headphones are noise canceling, which means you can listen to your jams uninterrupted while your roommate is hosting the loudest, most lit party of 2018.

    9. Bose Soundlink Wireless Headphones offer deep, immersive sound with the ability to switch in-between devices so you can watch that Lifetime movie on your computer, and when commercials come on you'll be able to tune 'em out with your favorite song.

    10. Paw Silk Sound Headphones are sleek and modern with eight hours of wireless play time to really get in the zone when writing those term papers you've got due at the end of the semester.

    11. Skullcandy Crusher Bluetooth Headphones allow you to fine-tune your bass levels for the ultimate listening experience, while the built-in microphone means you can talk to bae whenever they call.

    12. Mpow Foldable Bluetooth Headphones have a specialized aperture driver so your tunes can be evenly balanced, and a hi-fi sound so your ears can have a sound orgasm every single time.

    13. Enacfire Wireless Earbuds have a one-step pairing technology, can be used alone or in a pair, and are a great, affordable option to those Air Pods you've definitely heard of at one point in time.

    14. Mpow Bluetooth Hi-Fi Studio Headphones are perfect for playing your RPG games uninterrupted and have memory cushions to mold to the pattern of your cute ears.

    15. Bose Quiet Comfort wireless headphones can be paired with an Alexa device to control other devices in your house without ever leaving the couch.

    16. Cowin E7 headphones blast all your R&B jams with clear bass for a house party in your head.

    17. Audio-Technica Studio Headphones offer dynamic, crystal clear sound as well as sound isolation so you can hear all the intricacies on your Soundcloud mix. Your big break relies on your ears to pull through!

    18. Sony Wireless headphones have extra bass for that boom boom you've fallen in love with constantly, as well as a noise-canceling function so you can drown out your mom when she wants you to go do some chores.

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