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    18 Of The Best Fans You Can Get On Amazon

    I'm sure they will BLOW you away!

    1. Vornado's vintage-style fan—it'll give you a nice, refreshing breeze while looking dapper AF.

    2. The Honeywell Turbo Force fan—it packs a super punch for a table fan. It'll evaporate all of the sweat you have on your face from the blinding rays of the sun.

    3. A wall-mounted fan that can be adjusted to 90 degree angles and has three speeds for the best kind of breeze.

    4. This 10-inch fan that's totally portable, perfect for anyone who is almost always on the go!

    5. The Honeywell Tower fan—with touch-button controls, as well as a *remote* control so you can cut it off once you get chilly at night.

    6. A Lasko High Velocity fan that comes with an electronic on/off timer for cooling off your space when you're on your way home.

    7. The Vornando Air Circulator with deep-pitched blades that can move air up to 100 feet (for anyone looking to cool off an enormously large room).

    8. This Opolar mini fan that's USB-powered, so it'll cool you off while you're writing that senior thesis that's got you all stressed.

    9. A Bionare reversible airflow window fan able to bring in cool air from the outside or expound hot air from the inside. It can even automatically turn off once its thermostat hits a specific temperature! Technology is so cool.

    10. A personal fan that's amazing for a light breeze after coming in from the hot-ass outdoors. Who likes being outside, anyway?

    11. Bionaire's Power Fan—it has a rotating grill for a wide area of oscillation, which is just fancy talk for it'll make your whole room cool AF once you turn it on.

    12. This Dysonmodel—they're is the king of fans for damn good reason. It includes a unique air multiplier technology to cool off your room with the least amount of energy, all while being as quiet as a mouse.

    13. This Honeywell Whole Room Tower fan featuring a digital display and adjustable thermostat to get your room to the perfect temperature.

    14. A Lasko Wind Curve fan with a fresh-air ionizer, so it'll be able to cool off a room, while also removing horrible-smelling, stale air.

    15. A huge, super-powered indoor fan that will definitely keep your house cool if nothing else will. It's best used above a door to keep all the hot air where it fucking belongs – the wilderness.

    16. This tower fan with an awesome reclining feature.... it won't be taking any breaks cooling off your room anytime soon, though!

    17. A cute, heavy-duty blower fan ideal for cooling off a hot garage, or drying puddles from a leak in your basement. It's truly a jack of all trades.

    18. And this extremely-quiet Rowenta Turbo Silence table fan—if you want to catch a quick nap without dying of heat stroke, this can definitely do the job.

    So refreshing!

    Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.