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28 Cool AF Things To Get At H&M Right Now

You'll have a more relaxed experience clicking on what you want than going in person, believe me.

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3. A romper for when you don't feel like choosing between shorts or a dress. Decisions are hard, man.


4. Soon those nice, warm weekends will be everyday for the next three months—a pair of denim shorts will prepare you for the inevitable.

5. Cute-ass sandals so your feet can breathe and finally see the sun.

6. An adaptable jersey dress that can be dressed up or down because versatility is super important in these strange times.

Great for leaving straight from work to that happy hour at the bar.

Price: $9.99 (also comes in white, pink, polka dot and other colors, sizes 2-16).

7. A pair of soft shorts to have you feeling as free as a bird.

"If you're a bird, I'm a bird."

Price: $5.99 (also available in sold black and gray, sizes 2-16).


8. Camo jackets for when you wanna serve that Full Metal Jacket aesthetic.

This is my jacket. There are many others like it, but this one is mine....

Price: $24.99 (sizes 2-14).

9. Wedges (because everyone needs a pair for their spring and summer style).

10. A chiffon kaftan so you won't even need to get in the water at the beach: just sun bathe and be fabulous—the queen of cover-ups!

11. A delightful floral dress with a slit in the side to show off your amazing legs.

Because lbr, you have amazing legs and you should show the world, girl.

Price: $29.99 (sizes L-4XL).


12. A denim skirt that's super classic and will go with literally everything.

They're like jeans, but with room to breathe—how about that?

Price: $34.99 (also available in blue, black and white, sizes 2-16).

13. A wrap-around sweater that'll be able to handle the heat... as well as the cool spring breeze.

14. The future is bright so you gotta wear shades and these retro frames should fit the bill.

I love that geek fashion is mainstream now.

Price: $9.99 (available in black, gold, and tortoise).

15. A floral swimsuit to transform you into a literal beach babe. It'll also be great for actual swimming!


16. Amazing and fantastical tape dispensers perfect for your desk!

I don't know what you'd be taping together, but they're cute. So who cares?

Price: $6.99 (you can also get a rainbow!)

17. A pair of charming mules you'll want to wear everywhere.

18. A groovy cooler that low-key looks like the mystery machine. It can help you solve crimes and keep your drinks cold.

19. These jersey pants are a great example of how it's possible to be comfortable AND trendy.


20. A Button-up shirts that's great for when you're trying to look put together, even when you're anything BUT.

Honestly? Everyone is a mess, some of us are just better at hiding it.

Price: $9.99 (also available in white or blue, sizes 2-12).

21. A dainty pleated skirt, perfectly tailored for you to live out your vintage dreams.

22. A ginormous shopper bag for when you've got a lot of shit and nowhere to put it.

23. A pleated skirt that has some major Dirty Dancing vibes. Have the time of your life.


25. Some circle shades to fit the festival season vibes.

26. A winner of a bottle opener (slow and steady wins the race).

27. A light, linen tunic to put you in the summer mode.

28. A lace camisole for bringing on those sexy '90s goth looks straight out of The Craft.