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    This Highly Rated Argan Oil Will Give You The Smooth Hair Of Your Dreams

    An oil to moisturize your hair, face, AND body? Sounds like a dream.

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    Hey y'all, I'm here to introduce you to the sheer awesomeness of Art Naturals Organic Argan Oil. If you ever had any issues with split ends, acne, or just general dryness, this will definitely make you thank the heavens above for the multiplicity of it all!

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    It has over 600 five-star reviews on Amazon from people who absolutely swear by it. The best part about the argan oil, is that it can be used for almost anything and everything — locking in moisture for natural hair, treating dry skin, and even helping with acne. Sounds like a miracle product, huh?


    And according to these reviewers, Art Naturals Organic Argan Oil absolutely has the range:

    "This argan oil is the only, only oil that doesn't make my face super greasy or oily. Tried just about every other oil on my face and I was constantly removing excess oil throughout the day. But now I found my number one oil that is my go-to moisturizer without excess oil production. Argan oil goes on really smooth and doesn't require a lot of product. A few squirts onto my face in the morning time will keep my face moisturized for the entire workday, including working outside in Louisiana heat. It also gives my hair a vibrant shine that others have complimented me and asked what I use." —Karanta

    "I started taking medication that caused big dry patches on my neck and chest, and lotion only made it worse. After reading up on a few different oils, I went with this one to try and calm down the area, and it worked. After just a few days, the redness was gone and the skin looks and feels so smooth. I don't mix it with lotion or a carrier oil like some people might, and it's been fine. I put some on a cotton ball and rub it on my neck and chest and I'm good to go. It doesn't stain my clothes and doesn't look super oily, so I'm not self-conscious that people will stare at my neck for a whole new reason now. I like how the skin feels so much that I've stuck with it even after going off the medication." —Sara

    "I want to say that I do love this product. It is thinner than some other argan oils I have bought, but I think it is actually a good thing. I have very thick, coarse, long hair that is color-treated and this has helped a lot. I use it after towel drying and I disperse a small amount in my hair to help get out all of the snarls. Because this is thinner than a different product, it goes on more evenly. After blow-drying, I also noticed that I have a bit of shine and my hair no longer looks dry." —CCO

    This lovely lady said she used the oil on the ends of her hair, and look how much they grew! Not a split end in sight.

    Promising review: "It’s a big bottle and it came with two free samples of organic oils. I was pretty happy to find out I got three for one! I use it for my ends and it makes them very moist, so I learned that it only needs just a couple of drops. The smell is not the best, because it’s organic of course, so I mix it with a little bit of a serum that I have and it’s perfect!" —Polette

    Or this woman who said applying argan oil on her face helped alleviate her rosacea and also overall smoothed her skin. Wow.

    Promising review: "I have rosacea and I’m 37 years old. It’s been getting worse as I get older, and this past year I’ve really seen my skin changing for the worse. It's very red and thick. I’ve been using this argan oil now for a month and I’ve seen a huge improvement! My skin is less red and not thick anymore. It’s smooth and soft. I apply this to my face every night before bed. The first photo is of after six weeks. The side by side photo is day one vs. two weeks after use. Huge difference!" —jennifer chapman

    Not to mention this person whose face cleared ALL THE WAY UP with Art Naturals Argan Oil. My skin isn't even that clean. I'm jealous.

    Promising review: "I cannot express how happy this product has made me. I have tried everything to help my acne and hyperpigmentation. Nothing has worked like this. I will be a lifetime buyer." —Heather Wilkeerson

    And if you still can't believe the magic, check out a couple more reviewers who just might convince you to risk it all for a little moisture:

    "Great smell and great hair shine. It is also REALLY hydrating for my skin. My acne and dry facial skin has significantly reduced. I could cry. This has been a prayer answered. I even put a few drops (along with lavender oil for the nerves) in my hot baths and I no longer need to immediately need to apply lotion when I get out! In love it!" —Mark B.

    "Ok, so this is way more of a good-quality argan oil for way less of a price than I was used to paying, so that's awesome. I mix it in with my leave-in conditioner to help keep my hair less frizzy than it wants to be, but without making me break out. That's my pitch for argan oil." —CynBio

    So if you want an oil to use on your hair, face, and body, you should absolutely check out Art Naturals Organic Argan oil. Get it from Amazon for $11.95!

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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