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22 Tees That'll Totally Make You Geek Out

Let your geek flag fly!

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1. A Wonder Woman logo tee so you can wrap people up with your lasso of truth.

2. A Harry Potter shirt proclaiming your love to the great houses of Hogwarts, because they're ALL important and equal.

3. A tee that'll make people believe that Captain America, the first avenger, has lent you his shield to wear for protection. Use it well.


6. This T-shirt that's almost as cute as the cutest half-gem (Steven Universe).


9. A Game of Thrones T-shirt featuring the best Targaryen dragon, Dracarys.

11. A classic Superman shirt to make you fight for truth, justice, and the American way!


17. This baseball tee because Arya obviously didn't have the discipline to be one of the faceless men, but maybe you do.

18. This red shirt, so you can definitely be the leader of the mighty Power Rangers.

Who else has "Go go Power Rangers" stuck in their heads now?

Get it from Amazon for $20.95. Sizes S-XXL.

19. A Star Trek tee. The U.S.S. Enterprise literally went through so much shit at the hands of Captain Kirk. She needs rest.