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    23 Amazing Products With Over 1,000 Reviews On Amazon

    Colorful rain boots, maple popcorn, Sex and The City, and 20 other products on Amazon that hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people absolutely *adore*.


    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A double-sided microfiber comforter that'll keep you warm during a cool night without ending up feeling totally baked and uncomfortable.

    Promising review: "This blanket has warmth and is able to breathe. It still hasn't pluffed down and become flat like most of my blankets have before. It is the perfect choice for a replacement to that heavy winter comforter in the summer and spring months. I've checked it over and there's still not a loose thread, or anything coming off of it. It isn't stifling like other blankets I've had in the past, but it's not so light that I get cold either." —Imago3d

    Price: $24.99 (available in sizes twin, queen, and king, eight colors).

    2. A pair of rain boots so you won't have to get your beautiful toes wet when it's damp and dreary.

    Promising review: "I bought the black with white laces. I have pretty big calves and these fit perfectly with room to tuck in jeans so they don't get wet. I bought my regular shoe size and they fit well. I was surprised at how comfortable the cushioning is, but very pleased." —sarah

    Price: $6.99+ (available in sizes 5.5–11, available in 24 colors).

    3. A rotating makeup organizer with seven layers, because you have too many products and brushes to fit them all in one bag.

    It can hold up to 30 makeup brushes and 20 skincare products, which is basically one of your makeup bags!

    Promising review: "My makeup vanity was getting out-of-control cluttered, and I needed to find something that would eliminate the extra trays and gain more space. After some research, I came across this organizer. The 360-degree rotation is super smooth, the quality is great, the seven layers of adjustable tray capacity for all of my makeup fit perfect, and it was so easy to install that I did it myself. If you're looking to de-clutter, this is the thing to get. You will NOT be disappointed!" —Marilyn Ortiz

    Price: $20.99 (available in three colors).

    4. A hooded faux-leather jacket that'll serve some ethically responsible looks, while you're nice and comfy during the transitional weather.,

    Promising review: "Overall I'm happy with it. It's roomy enough to fit a couple layers under it, but fits well enough not to look baggy. I love that the hood is able to be removed, making it look a little more dressy. No bad smell in the fabric and feels like a soft, worn old jacket." —mrschecty

    Price: $17.46+ (avaiable in sizes XS-XXL and 26 colors).

    5. An extra-long detachable showerhead with a water saver mode to give you the most relaxed bath time you've had in ages.

    It has multiple massage settings and is super easy to install!

    Promising review: "This is a great shower head! Finally, we're able to get some water pressure and a decent amount of water to get clean! Our shower is on the completely opposite side of the house from the water heater, so the pressure has always been bad, but this shower head fixes all of that! We love it!." —Happy Cat

    Price: $39.99+ (available in four colors)

    6. A family-sized water pick that'll clear out all that icky food stuck in-between those amazing chompers of yours.

    It includes 12 multifunctional tips to remove built-up plaque, a pause button, and a totally waterproof base!

    Promising review: "This is the first water pick style flosser that I have tried. It works great and makes oral hygiene a lot more convenient and painless. Have a towel handy if you haven't tried one before. It has a lot of power which I use on the outside portion of my teeth, and I dial it down when I am doing the insides, around the tongue. I have a bridge and a couple of crowns, and it works fine with them." —R. Bryan

    Price: $29.95

    7. A box of yummy, microwavable popcorn so you can munch like a hungry horse during a movie marathon.

    The popcorn bag doesn't have any chemicals, plastic, or other harmful ingredients to seep into your beloved snack!

    Promising review: "I got this as a healthy alternative to regular microwave popcorn for my son who suffers from IBS. We were pleasantly surprised at the taste of this popcorn. It was so so good, and best of all my son can eat this without all the butter and fat in regular store-bought microwave popcorn. I went back on Amazon and placed another order for the company's other popcorn flavors. If the other flavors are as yummy as this one was well then they have a customer for life." —Rhonda Muriel

    Price: $5.30+ for two bags of popcorn (available in five flavors).

    8. A pair of stretchy high-rise jeggings, because you literally can't have too many pairs of jeans.

    Promising review: "I love these pants! I ordered a black pair because I needed them for work. They look like denim but feel like leggings. They are a great fit; not too tight at all and stretch, so when you're bloated by the end of the day they're still comfortable." —Ashleyann

    Price: $19.99+ (available in sizes 0–17 and nine colors).

    9. A tutu skirt for whenever you wanna puff out your 50's dress and head to the local diner for a dope photoshoot.

    Promising review: "Absolutely beautiful! We used these for our fall festival wedding and received so many compliments on the stunning bright colors! They fit perfectly for each of my girls and are quality made! Love them!" —T n J

    Price: $7.99+ (availabe in sizes S–XL and 15 colors).

    10. A classic game of Jenga that'll have you and your friends feeling nervous over whether the tower you've built will actually stay in place.

    Promising review: "Very fun, and my daughter loves knocking things over, so it makes for a perfect combo." —UCM

    Price: $10.27

    11. A travel-sized version of Poo-Pourri, because your shit stinks even when you're in the middle of a public bathroom in the Grand Canyon, so be kind! / Via @poopourri

    Spray it into the toilet until there's a light film over the water, and get to pooping!

    Promising review: "If you have someone who chronically stinks up the bathroom at your house this is a must-have. I bought this last year on a whim and gave it to my husband for Christmas. I honestly didn't expect him to use it, but to my surprise he has and it is wonderful! I can actually go in the bathroom after he gets out without feeling overwhelmed by the stench. The citrus scent adds just enough freshness to overpower the stink without being overwhelming itself. It is a fresh, spicy, citrus scent that smells natural — not chemical-y like many fragrances. A couple of quick sprays are enough so I don't feel like we are saturating the room with it. I just bought a new and larger bottle because we love it so much." —Kathy W.

    Price: $9.97 (available in five scents).

    12. An adorable kitten ring holder so all of your precious jewels can be protected from any cat burglars.

    Promising review: "This ring holder is exceptionally cute and has some weight to it. It is small and can fit in the palm of my hand. That being said, it really does hold a lot of rings. I wear seven to eight rings daily and wanted to use it as a place to put those the rings after cleaning. It holds eight rings and appears to be able to hold a lot more." —Jane

    Price: $10.86 (available in six animals and two colors).

    13. A gourmet sandwich maker with non-stick grids that'll turn any basic sandwich you have into some Panera Bread realness.

    It can grill super thick sandwiches and has non-stick grids for easy removal.

    Promising review: "This is one of the best kitchen appliances I've ever owned. It heats up fast and toasts very evenly. I can put sandwiches of any thickness in it. I found out the best way of cooking asparagus is grilling with this panini maker. Also breaded chicken gets very crispy in it. It's really non-stick and I just wipe it with a damp paper towel. I grill vegetables in it, make panini, and toast my bread. No more toaster." —Shahrzad

    Price: $34.99

    14. A life-saving French press for coffee addicts who just love the feeling of actually making a cup of joe all by themselves.

    It includes a safety lid to keep that precious coffee from spilling, is dishwasher-safe, and makes up to eight cups of brew!

    Promising review: "My husband and I had French press coffee on a trip about a year ago and loved it. He talked about it all the time, so I thought this would be good for Christmas. He loves it. We only use it on the weekends, but the coffee is so smooth. It is absolutely delicious." —JK

    Price: $35.34

    15. A tie-dye tunic that'll be perfect to pair with some leggings, especially if you're trying to channel a chill vibe.,

    Promising review: "This shirt is amazing. It is a very soft material and is vibrant in person. I got the blue and black tie-dye and it has variations of black, darker blue, and a Caribbean sea blue — it is stunning. The handkerchief hem is so flattering, and it's perfect to wear with jeans or leggings because it has a nice, longer drape that is perfect to cover your bum if you are wearing leggings! The 3/4 sleeves go below my elbows. The shirt is comfortable enough to lounge in, sleep in, or wear anywhere." —S. Johnson

    Price: $13.99+ (available in sizes S–XXL and 30 colors).

    16. A touch control desk lamp for all of the bookworms who absolutely have to read a couple chapters of their favorite novel before drifting off to dreamland!

    It has five lighting modes, and seven levels of brightness, as well as a flexible neck to adjust to your preference.

    Promising review: "I bought this as a new desk lamp and it's been pretty great. I've never had a lamp that adjusts from warm to cool light and never knew I needed one! Now I can't imagine going back! I love using the warmer lights at night, it's not as harsh on my tired eyes. Love that you can adjust the intensity too! Just a great lamp!" —Griz

    Price: $21.99 (also available in black).

    17. A dotted journal so you can jot down all your inner thoughts and then plan out your immediate future with meticulous notes. / Via @leuchtturm1917, / Via @leuchtturm1917

    Promising review: "If you are getting into the Bullet Journal, this is the perfect journal for you. It has an index, numbered pages, and dotted graph paper. The rest is up to you. I use Sharpie fine point pens and they do not bleed through the paper. Love the double bookmarks. Lots of pages." —Deanis

    Price: $19.95 (available in 19 colors).

    18. A super useful moisturizing razor with a handy bikini trimmer, adjustable combs, and a hypo-allergenic serum, because why not knock out two birds with the same stone?

    Promising review: "Love this razor, and the trimmer works well too. It always leaves a smooth shave and is moisturizing. I like that it has a loop to hang on a hook; the refills can hang in your shower." —kmc12

    Price: $9.99

    19. An absorbent microfiber towel to quickly dry your hair without getting it all frizzy before you even start styling!

    Promising review: "Very nice product. I ended up buying a second one after drying my normally curly, frizzy mop. Helped tame the beast and also added surprising body. Literally, it looks like new hair I've never seen before using this towel straight out of the shower. Don't second guess it just buy one trust me." —Bawe

    Price: $13.99

    20. A firm but gentle scrub brush that'll definitely help whenever you finally get around to your annual spring cleaning. Grout needs to be cleaned, and so does your tub!

    It has a non-slip handle and a contoured handle so your hands don't get all cramped while you put some elbow grease into your cleaning sesh!

    Promising review: "I bought this a couple weeks ago to use to scrub some stains out of our carpet and it has worked wonderfully. And while the bristles are delicate enough to not destroy a carpet, they are also robust enough to use to scrub a shower, sink, or tub — I've used it for all of these. If you are going to be using this for an extended period of time, your hands and wrist will feel the difference." —J Grant

    Price: $5.99

    21. An overstuffed, comfy pet bed so your furry friend can (hopefully) stop jumping on your place of rest, secretly suffocating you in your sleep.

    Too dark?

    Promising review: "Within minutes of putting this bed in the crate, my puppy took his first voluntary nap in it. Even though he has several beds, sometimes he chooses to pull this one out of the kennel and bring it into the living room with us. It's definitely dog approved! He's now 6+ months old and this bed has taken his abuse. Overall, he's fairly gentle with the bed- but he has been caught chewing it and shaking it around. There are no holes! I didn't think any bed would make it this long so I'm very happy with it's durability so far. Pets are an integral part of our lives, but I also love good design. Anytime something is functional, and good looking, I'm happy." —Cat Lady

    Price: $11.99 (available in 18–48 inches and three colors).

    22. A stainless steel, rust-proof drying rack to place all of your damp clothes instead of using a dryer, because you know your favorite jeans will shrink and you really don't wanna look like Steve Urkel.

    Promising review: "This dryer is beyond my expectations and I use it constantly!! It has so many options for drying almost anything, including my sandals after a day at the ocean. It is lightweight when collapsed, so it's easy to put away, yet solid enough to put outside in a good breeze to dry in the sun. Believe me, this dryer will not disappoint. In fact, when we return to our home in Florida, I will be ordering another one." —Marie

    Price: $39.95

    23. A copy of Sex and The City, because apparently there will never be a third movie to the series and you wanna watch this one while crying at the thought of all the kinky hijinks they could've gotten into.

    Promising review: "I love this movie so much. Really great for a girls night or even a movie on your own relaxing with some popcorn and wine." —Jatinder Kaur

    Price: $17.99

    And in that moment, we were all Samantha.


    Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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