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10 Times You Should Have Walked Away

Should've just left when you had the chance. Tune in to the BuzzFeed Block for The Last of the Mohicans and The Perfect Storm this Saturday, March 8th, starting at 8/7c.

1. When you downloaded Flappy Bird and fell into a black hole.


Can't... stop...

2. When you saw that goose approaching YOU.


Ahhh, get out!

3. When the "light drizzle" turned out to be a hurricane in disguise.

Warner Bros. Pictures/The Perfect Storm / Via

You should have checked the weather.

4. When the only open seat left in the theater was in the very front row.


That's going to be you. That crook in your neck will last for days.

5. When your friends guilted you into staying for one more drink.

HBO/Rome / Via

It always ends up this way.

6. When you agreed to go on that blind date.


He could still be a nice guy...

7. When you thought you could have just ONE cookie.

8. When you sacrificed yourself to save your friends.

20th Century Fox/The Last of the Mohicans / Via

Is it still worth it?

9. That time you were dared to take the cinnamon challenge.


Well, that happened.

10. When that hot girl winked at you from across the bar even though you already had a girlfriend.


Mmmm... This won't end well.