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10 Signs You Were Born To Be A Gangster

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1. You've always known there was something different about you.

Universal Music / Via

2. You could always spit the realest game.

3. Even when you were little, you had the urge to ball.

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4. Even your cats were ballin'.

5. People skills were never really your thing.

A Band Apart/Jackie Brown / Via

6. But it doesn't matter cuz:



7. And you knew if it wasn't 24-karat gold, then it wasn't worth your time.

8. You were born to rock a set of grillz.

Jeremy Noble/(CC BY http://2.0)/Flickr: uberculture
Jon Feinstein/(CC BY http://2.0)/Flickr: jonfeinstein

9. And no matter what you did, girls and booze seemed to follow you everywhere.

"Biggie give me one more chance."

10. Even if you tried, you could never be anything else.

Warner Brothers/Goodfellas / Via

And why would you want to be?